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player: remove --stream-capture option/property
This was excessively useless, and I want my time back that was needed to explain users why they don't want to use it. It captured the byte stream only, and even for types of streams it was designed for (like transport streams), it was rather questionable. As part of the removal, un-inline demux_run_on_thread() (which has only 1 call-site now), and sort of reimplement --stream-dump to write the data directly instead of using the removed capture code. (--stream-dump is also very useless, and I struggled coming up with an explanation for it in the manpage.)
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@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ Interface changes
- "drop-frame-count" to "decoder-frame-drop-count"
- "vo-drop-frame-count" to "frame-drop-count"
The old names still work, but are deprecated.
+ - remove the --stream-capture option and property. No replacement.
--- mpv 0.23.0 ---
- remove deprecated vf_vdpaurb (use "--hwdec=vdpau-copy" instead)
- the following properties now have new semantics:
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@@ -1552,10 +1552,6 @@ Property list
This property is experimental and might be removed in the future.
-``stream-capture`` (RW)
- A filename, see ``--stream-capture``. Setting this will start capture using
- the given filename. Setting it to an empty string will stop it.
``tv-brightness``, ``tv-contrast``, ``tv-saturation``, ``tv-hue`` (RW)
TV stuff.
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@@ -4745,21 +4745,10 @@ Miscellaneous
Input file type for ``mf://`` (available: jpeg, png, tga, sgi). By default,
this is guessed from the file extension.
- Allows capturing the primary stream (not additional audio tracks or other
- kind of streams) into the given file. Capturing can also be started and
- stopped by changing the filename with the ``stream-capture`` property.
- Generally this will not produce usable results for anything else than MPEG
- or raw streams, unless capturing includes the file headers and is not
- interrupted. Note that, due to cache latencies, captured data may begin and
- end somewhat delayed compared to what you see displayed.
- The destination file is always appended. (Before mpv 0.8.0, the file was
- overwritten.)
- Same as ``--stream-capture``, but do not start playback. Instead, the entire
- file is dumped.
+ Instead of playing a file, read its byte stream and write it to the given
+ destination file. The destination is overwritten. Can be useful to test
+ network-related behavior.
Set AVOptions on streams opened with libavformat. Unknown or misspelled