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Input file type for ``mf://`` (available: jpeg, png, tga, sgi). By default,
this is guessed from the file extension.
- Allows capturing the primary stream (not additional audio tracks or other
- kind of streams) into the given file. Capturing can also be started and
- stopped by changing the filename with the ``stream-capture`` property.
- Generally this will not produce usable results for anything else than MPEG
- or raw streams, unless capturing includes the file headers and is not
- interrupted. Note that, due to cache latencies, captured data may begin and
- end somewhat delayed compared to what you see displayed.
- The destination file is always appended. (Before mpv 0.8.0, the file was
- overwritten.)
- Same as ``--stream-capture``, but do not start playback. Instead, the entire
- file is dumped.
+ Instead of playing a file, read its byte stream and write it to the given
+ destination file. The destination is overwritten. Can be useful to test
+ network-related behavior.
Set AVOptions on streams opened with libavformat. Unknown or misspelled