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command: rename framedrop properties
"drop-frame-count" -> "decoder-frame-drop-count" "vo-drop-frame-count" -> "frame-drop-count" This gets rid of the backwards "drop-frame" part in the name. Maybe calling the new property "frame-drops" would be better, but there are already a bunch of similar properties that end in "-count".
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@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@ Interface changes
("") uses the value of --hwdec.
- drop deprecated --ad/--vd features
- drop deprecated --sub-codepage syntax
+ - rename properties:
+ - "drop-frame-count" to "decoder-frame-drop-count"
+ - "vo-drop-frame-count" to "frame-drop-count"
+ The old names still work, but are deprecated.
--- mpv 0.23.0 ---
- remove deprecated vf_vdpaurb (use "--hwdec=vdpau-copy" instead)
- the following properties now have new semantics:
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@@ -940,15 +940,19 @@ Property list
Total A-V sync correction done. Unavailable if audio or video is
Video frames dropped by decoder, because video is too far behind audio (when
using ``--framedrop=decoder``). Sometimes, this may be incremented in other
situations, e.g. when video packets are damaged, or the decoder doesn't
follow the usual rules. Unavailable if video is disabled.
+ ``drop-frame-count`` is a deprecated alias.
Frames dropped by VO (when using ``--framedrop=vo``).
+ ``vo-drop-frame-count`` is a deprecated alias.
Number of video frames that were not timed correctly in display-sync mode
for the sake of keeping A/V sync. This does not include external