path: root/video/out/vo_wlshm.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* wayland: shuffle around the render loop againDudemanguy2021-05-241-6/+6
* wayland: simplify render loopDudemanguy2021-05-221-5/+5
* vo_wlshm: support big endian systemsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot2021-02-041-1/+2
* vo_wlshm: support presentation timeDudemanguy2020-12-141-0/+14
* wayland: unify frame/presentation callback codeDudemanguy2020-12-141-23/+0
* Revert "wayland: conditionally commit surface on resize"Dudemanguy2020-11-081-4/+1
* wayland: update opaque region on runtimeDudemanguy2020-10-151-5/+1
* wayland: be less strict about when to renderDudemanguy2020-10-151-1/+1
* wayland: set an opaque regionDudemanguy2020-10-011-0/+5
* wayland: only render if we have frame callbackDudemanguy2020-09-211-0/+34
* wayland: conditionally commit surface on resizeDudemanguy2020-08-201-1/+4
* vo_wlshm, vo_drm: set image size with mp_image_set_sizeMichael Forney2020-05-171-2/+1
* vo_drm, wo_wlshm: mention that it's software scalingwm42020-02-111-1/+1
* sws_utils: shuffle around some shitwm42019-10-311-1/+2
* vo_wlshm: use memfd_create() instead of shm_open()Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2019-10-171-23/+11
* Reintroduce vo_wayland as vo_wlshmMichael Forney2019-10-171-0/+312