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cocoa-cb: make fullscreen resize animation duration configurable
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@@ -4864,6 +4864,18 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
:auto: Detects the system settings and sets the title bar styling
appropriately, either ultradark or mediumlight.
+ Sets the fullscreen resize animation duration in ms (default: default).
+ The default value is slightly less than the system's animation duration
+ (500ms) to prevent some problems when the end of an async animation happens
+ at the same time as the end of the system wide fullscreen animation. Setting
+ anything higher than 500ms will only prematurely cancel the resize animation
+ after the system wide animation ended. The upper limit is still set at
+ 1000ms since it's possible that Apple or the user changes the system
+ defaults. Anything higher than 1000ms though seems too long and shouldn't be
+ set anyway.
+ OS X and cocoa-cb only
Set dimensions of the rendering surface used by the Android gpu context.
Needs to be set by the embedding application if the dimensions change during