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vo_opengl: add --tone-mapping-desaturate
This helps prevent unnaturally, weirdly colorized blown out highlights for direct images of the sunlit sky and other way-too-bright HDR content. I was debating whether to set the default at 1.0 or 2.0, but went with the more conservative option that preserves more detail/color.
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@@ -4723,6 +4723,16 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
Specifies the scale factor to use while stretching. Defaults to 1.0.
+ Apply desaturation for highlights that exceed this level of brightness. The
+ higher the parameter, the more color information will be preserved. This
+ setting helps prevent unnaturally blown-out colors for super-highlights, by
+ (smoothly) turning into white instead. This makes images feel more natural,
+ at the cost of reducing information about out-of-range colors.
+ The default of 2.0 is somewhat conservative and will mostly just apply to
+ skies or directly sunlit surfaces. A setting of 0.0 disables this option.
Load an ICC profile and use it to transform video RGB to screen output.
Needs LittleCMS 2 support compiled in. This option overrides the