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audio/format: change license to LGPL
Although the origins lie somewhere in libaf, which was written by "anders" and who explicitly disagreed with the LGPL relicensing, we can change the license of these files, because all code was written by "alex", who agreed with the relicensing. The only things that remain from anders' code is the AF_FORMAT_ and af_ prefixes (see e.g. 66f4e563). It was alex who redid this file and added the format identifiers we have today (507121f7). It's also nice to see that alex actually claimed copyright on format.c (221a599f). In commit efb50cab even the bitmask concept (which anders introduced with his early af_format.c code) was removed, and essentially all lines and symbols by anders were dropped. To put it into perspective: the original af_format code was for converting actual sample data and relied on OSS sample format identifiers, mpv's format.c/h provides its own sample formats, but does not do any data conversion. Remove an now inaccurate comment from format.c (it somehow even survived the typo that was present in the original commit). Also remove most of the format.c include statements - most of them are technically anders' code. We keep limits.h though.
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@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ x audio/audio.* very hard (mp_audio based of anders' af_audi
audio/chmap.* LGPL
audio/chmap_sel.* LGPL
audio/fmt-conversion.* LGPL
-x audio/format.* hard (murky libaf origins)
+ audio/format.* LGPL
common/av_common.* LGPL
common/av_log.c almost LGPL
common/av_log.h LGPL