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demux: change license to LGPL
As usual, the history of these files is a bit murky. It starts with the initial commit. (At which some development had already been done, according to the AUTHORS and ChangeLog files at the time, we should be but covered with relicensing agreements, though.) then it goes on with complete lack of modularization, which was cleaned up later (cd68e161). As usual, we don't consider the copyright of the stuff that has been moved out cleanly. There were also contributions to generic code by people who could not be reached or who did not agree to the relicensing, but this was all removed. The only patches that we could not relicense and which were still in the current code in some form are from Dénes Balatoni: 422b0d2a, 32937181. We could not reach him, so commits f34e1a0d and 18905298 remove his additions. It still leaves the demux_control() declaration itself, but we don't consider it copyrightable. It's basically an idiom that existed in MPlayer before that change, applied to the demuxer struct. (We even went as far as making sure to remove all DEMUXER_CTRLs the original author added.) Commit be54f481 might be a bit of a corner case, but this was rewritten, and we consider the old copyright removed long ago.
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@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ x audio/format.* hard (murky libaf origins)
common/version.c LGPL
demux/codec_tags.* LGPL
demux/cue.* LGPL
-x demux/demux.* complications (at least Denes' changes)
+ demux/demux.* LGPL
demux/demux_cue.c LGPL
demux/demux_disc.c LGPL
demux/demux_edl.c LGPL