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* various: drop unused #include "config.h"Thomas WeiƟschuh2023-02-201-2/+0
| | | | | | Most sources don't need config.h. The inclusion only leads to lots of unneeded recompilation if the configuration is changed.
* stream, demux: redo origin policy thingwm42019-12-201-0/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | mpv has a very weak and very annoying policy that determines whether a playlist should be used or not. For example, if you play a remote playlist, you usually don't want it to be able to read local filesystem entries. (Although for a media player the impact is small I guess.) It's weak and annoying as in that it does not prevent certain cases which could be interpreted as bad in some cases, such as allowing playlists on the local filesystem to reference remote URLs. It probably barely makes sense, but we just want to exclude some other "definitely not a good idea" things, all while playlists generally just work, so whatever. The policy is: - from the command line anything is played - local playlists can reference anything except "unsafe" streams ("unsafe" means special stream inputs like libavfilter graphs) - remote playlists can reference only remote URLs - things like "memory://" and archives are "transparent" to this This commit does... something. It replaces the weird stream flags with a slightly clearer "origin" value, which is now consequently passed down and used everywhere. It fixes some deviations from the described policy. I wanted to force archives to reference only content within them, but this would probably have been more complicated (or required different abstractions), and I'm too lazy to figure it out, so archives are now "transparent" (playlists within archives behave the same outside). There may be a lot of bugs in this. This is unfortunately a very noisy commit because: - every stream open call now needs to pass the origin - so does every demuxer open call (=> params param. gets mandatory) - most stream were changed to provide the "origin" value - the origin value needed to be passed along in a lot of places - I was too lazy to split the commit Fixes: #7274
* demux, stream: rip out the classic stream cachewm42018-08-311-1/+0
| | | | | | The demuxer cache is the only cache now. Might need another change to combat seeking failures in mp4 etc. The only bad thing is the loss of cache-speed, which was sort of nice to have.
* stream: get rid of streamtype enumwm42017-02-021-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | Because it's kind of dumb. (But not sure if it was worth the trouble.) For stream_file.c, we add new explicit fields. The rest are rather special uses and can be killed by comparing the stream impl. name. The changes to DVD/BD/CD/TV are entirely untested.
* Relicense some non-MPlayer source files to LGPL 2.1 or laterwm42016-01-191-7/+7
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This covers source files which were added in mplayer2 and mpv times only, and where all code is covered by LGPL relicensing agreements. There are probably more files to which this applies, but I'm being conservative here. A file named ao_sdl.c exists in MPlayer too, but the mpv one is a complete rewrite, and was added some time after the original ao_sdl.c was removed. The same applies to vo_sdl.c, for which the SDL2 API is radically different in addition (MPlayer supports SDL 1.2 only). common.c contains only code written by me. But common.h is a strange case: although it originally was named mp_common.h and exists in MPlayer too, by now it contains only definitions written by uau and me. The exceptions are the CONTROL_ defines - thus not changing the license of common.h yet. codec_tags.c contained once large tables generated from MPlayer's codecs.conf, but all of these tables were removed. From demux_playlist.c I'm removing a code fragment from someone who was not asked; this probably could be done later (see commit 15dccc37). misc.c is a bit complicated to reason about (it was split off mplayer.c and thus contains random functions out of this file), but actually all functions have been added post-MPlayer. Except get_relative_time(), which was written by uau, but looks similar to 3 different versions of something similar in each of the Unix/win32/OSX timer source files. I'm not sure what that means in regards to copyright, so I've just moved it into another still-GPL source file for now. screenshot.c once had some minor parts of MPlayer's vf_screenshot.c, but they're all gone.
* Update license headersMarcin Kurczewski2015-04-131-2/+1
| | | | Signed-off-by: wm4 <wm4@nowhere>
* Add more constwm42014-06-111-1/+1
| | | | | | | While I'm not very fond of "const", it's important for declarations (it decides whether a symbol is emitted in a read-only or read/write section). Fix all these cases, so we have writeable global data only when we really need.
* stream: remove chaos related to writeable streamswm42014-05-241-4/+1
| | | | | | | | | | For some reason, we support writeable streams. (Only encoding uses that, and the use of it looks messy enough that I want to replace it with FILE or avio today.) It's a chaos: most streams do not actually check the mode parameter like they should. Simplify it, and let streams signal availability of write mode by setting a flag in the stream info struct.
* stream: fix url_options field, make protocols field not fixed lengthwm42013-08-261-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | The way the url_options field was handled was not entirely sane: it's actually a flexible array member, so it points to garbage for streams which do not initialize this member (it just points to the data right after the struct, which is garbage in theory and practice). This was not actually a problem, since the field is only used if priv_size is set (due to how this stuff is used). But it doesn't allow setting priv_size only, which might be useful in some cases. Also, make the protocols array not a fixed size array. Most stream implementations have only 1 protocol prefix, but stream_lavf.c has over 10 (whitelists ffmpeg protocols). The high size of the fixed size protocol array wastes space, and it is _still_ annoying to add new prefixes to stream_lavf (have to bump the maximum length), so make it arbitrary length. The two changes (plus some more cosmetic changes) arte conflated into one, because it was annoying going over all the stream implementations.
* stream_avdevice: remove redundant dummy callbackwm42013-08-221-6/+0
* stream: redo URL parsing, replace m_struct usage with m_configwm42013-08-021-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | Move the URL parsing code from m_option.c to stream.c, and simplify it dramatically. This code originates from times when http code used this, but now it's just relict from other stream implementations reusing this code. Remove the unused bits and simplify the rest. stream_vcd is insane, and the priv struct is different on every platform, so drop the URL parsing. This means you can't specify a track anymore, only the device. (Does anyone use stream_vcd? Not like this couldn't be fixed, but it doesn't seem worth the effort, especially because it'd require potentially touching platform specific code.)
* stream: remove useless author/comment fieldswm42013-07-121-4/+0
| | | | | | | | | These were printed only with -v. Most streams had them set to useless or redundant values, so it's just badly maintained bloat. Since we remove the "author" field too, and since this may have copyright implications, we add the contents of the author fields to the file headers, except if the name is already part of the file header.
* Cleanup some include statementswm42013-07-121-1/+0
* core: change open_stream and demux_open signaturewm42013-07-121-2/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | This removes the dependency on DEMUXER_TYPE_* and the file_format parameter from the stream open functions. Remove some of the playlist handling code. It looks like this was needed only for loading linked mov files with demux_mov (which was removed long ago). Delete a minor bit of dead network-related code from stream.c as well.
* demux_lavf: add support for libavdevicewm42012-12-031-0/+49
libavdevice supports various "special" video and audio inputs, such as screen-capture or libavfilter filter graphs. libavdevice inputs are implemented as demuxers. They don't use the custom stream callbacks (in AVFormatContext.pb). Instead, input parameters are passed as filename. This means the mpv stream layer has to be disabled. Do this by adding the pseudo stream handler avdevice://, whose only purpose is passing the filename to demux_lavf, without actually doing anything. Change the logic how the filename is passed to libavformat. Remove handling of the filename from demux_open_lavf() and move it to lavf_check_file(). (This also fixes a possible bug when skipping the "lavf://" prefix.) libavdevice now can be invoked by specifying demuxer and args as in: mpv avdevice://demuxer:args The args are passed as filename to libavformat. When using libavdevice demuxers, their actual meaning is highly implementation specific. They don't refer to actual filenames. Note: libavdevice is disabled by default. There is one problem: libavdevice pulls in libavfilter, which in turn causes symbol clashes with mpv internals. The problem is that libavfilter includes a mplayer filter bridge, which is used to interface with a set of nearly unmodified mplayer filters copied into libavfilter. This filter bridge uses the same symbol names as mplayer/mpv's filter chain, which results in symbol clashes at link-time. This can be prevented by building ffmpeg with --disable-filter=mp, but unfortunately this is not the default. This means linking to libavdevice (which in turn forces linking with libavfilter by default) must be disabled. We try doing this by compiling a test file that defines one of the clashing symbols (vf_mpi_clear). To enable libavdevice input, ffmpeg should be built with the options: --disable-filter=mp and mpv with: --enable-libavdevice Originally, I tried to auto-detect it. But the resulting complications in configure did't seem worth the trouble.