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* osdep: handle SIGTERMwm42013-11-061-0/+2
* osx: fix -Wshadow warnings on platform specific codeStefano Pigozzi2013-11-041-4/+4
* configure: uniform the defines to #define HAVE_xxx (0|1)Stefano Pigozzi2013-11-033-16/+17
* getch2: assume EOF when input file descriptor is invalidwm42013-10-281-2/+5
* getch2: move global state to file scope variableswm42013-10-281-6/+5
* cocoa: fix opening quarantined files on 10.9 with the bundle [2]Stefano Pigozzi2013-10-251-2/+2
* cocoa: fix opening quarantined files on 10.9 with the bundleStefano Pigozzi2013-10-241-2/+7
* cocoa: fix race condition with input context creationStefano Pigozzi2013-10-242-0/+14
* getch2: remove pointless ifdefferywm42013-10-171-8/+0
* Copyright, LICENSE: switch to GPL version 2 or laterwm42013-10-131-1/+1
* osx: fix buildwm42013-09-271-2/+2
* win32: edit resource files, in particular set CompanyNamewm42013-09-232-5/+5
* macosx_application: fix regression causing crashStefano Pigozzi2013-09-191-2/+11
* osdep/path: remove ifdefswm42013-09-181-6/+0
* macosx: move bundle path stuff to path-macosx.mStefano Pigozzi2013-09-183-33/+14
* path, win32: redo user configfile path handlingwm42013-09-183-2/+86
* win32: add getenv() UTF-8 variantwm42013-09-182-0/+62
* HIDRemote: remove OS X version checksStefano Pigozzi2013-09-171-44/+1
* macosx_application: remove deprecation warning on OS X 10.9Nyx0uf2013-09-161-15/+29
* macosx_application: fix file opening on 10.9 (for real this time)Stefano Pigozzi2013-09-131-1/+1
* macosx_application: fix file opening on OS X 10.9 (hopefully)Stefano Pigozzi2013-09-121-1/+10
* macosx_application: handle mpv:// linksStefano Pigozzi2013-09-071-0/+7
* macosx_application: handle URL events as fileopen eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-09-071-0/+30
* macosx_events: fix modifiers handling with media keysStefano Pigozzi2013-09-051-1/+1
* macosx_events: send a `release all` after key up eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-09-021-0/+2
* macosx_events: remove duplicationStefano Pigozzi2013-09-021-29/+33
* cocoa: enqueue events only if input context is presentStefano Pigozzi2013-09-011-1/+2
* osx: use MP_KEY_* instead of MK_* for media keysStefano Pigozzi2013-09-011-3/+3
* cocoa: let the core handle key repeatsStefano Pigozzi2013-08-303-6/+17
* macosx: remove platform specific input queueStefano Pigozzi2013-08-134-65/+3
* core: move contents to mpvcore (2/2)Stefano Pigozzi2013-08-068-14/+14
* mpv.rc: update Windows iconJames Ross-Gowan2013-07-301-1/+1
* getch2: Load the "ce", "ks" and "ke" caps into a static bufferDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-261-3/+6
* getch2: Deactivate getch2 on SIGINT; also handle SIGQUITDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-261-0/+4
* getch2: Only send ESC if it was typed twiceDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-261-3/+5
* getch2: Handle setupterm errorsDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-261-1/+18
* getch2: fix compilationwm42013-07-261-1/+1
* getch2: Support ESC keypresses againDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-1/+9
* getch2: Doing it right this timeDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-1/+1
* Revert "getch2: Avoid possible infinite loop"Diogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-4/+4
* getch2: Avoid possible infinite loopDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-4/+4
* getch2, mplayer: Always call load_termcapDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-0/+5
* getch2: Remove unused function, fix possible crashDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-25/+19
* getch2: Refactor/rewriteDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-192/+344
* cocoa_common: handle keyboard modifiers for mouse eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-07-213-13/+24
* w32: update manifest for high DPI and Windows 8.1James Ross-Gowan2013-07-141-0/+18
* getch2-win: uncrustifywm42013-07-141-116/+118
* osdep: remove unused mmap compatibility hackswm42013-07-073-168/+0
* cocoa: remove usage of mp_fifoStefano Pigozzi2013-07-034-11/+2
* core: cleanup more mp_fifo leftoverswm42013-07-023-8/+6
* OSX: fix compilation with 10.7 SDKStefano Pigozzi2013-06-193-1/+61
* osdep: remove shmem wrapperwm42013-06-182-164/+0
* macosx_events: handle key modifiers with media keysStefano Pigozzi2013-06-062-27/+56
* macosx_events: DRY up key lookup over dictionaryStefano Pigozzi2013-06-051-10/+12
* macosx_events: make remote property an instance variableStefano Pigozzi2013-06-052-7/+8
* osx: improve Media Keys supportStefano Pigozzi2013-06-044-31/+109
* osx: add Apple Remote supportStefano Pigozzi2013-06-035-3/+2512
* osx: implement media keysStefano Pigozzi2013-06-033-1/+33
* macosx_events: send all queued eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-06-031-2/+3
* osx: cocoa_common: use default wakeup periodStefano Pigozzi2013-06-031-0/+8
* osx: create macosx_events to deal with keyDown eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-06-035-26/+268
* macosx_application: refactor psn matching codeStefano Pigozzi2013-05-301-7/+5
* macosx_application: refactor filename escapeStefano Pigozzi2013-05-301-14/+8
* macosx_application: use @autoreleasepoolStefano Pigozzi2013-05-302-35/+25
* macosx_application: move escape_loadfile_name in this fileStefano Pigozzi2013-05-301-0/+21
* macosx_application: fix menu 'ghosting'Stefano Pigozzi2013-05-261-0/+7
* Replace calls to usec_sleep()wm42013-05-262-9/+0
* Replace all calls to GetTimer()/GetTimerMS()wm42013-05-262-12/+0
* timer: use gettimeofday() on Windowswm42013-05-261-1/+4
* timer: refactor, add 64 bit timer functionwm42013-05-265-96/+138
* macosx_application: implement "Quit & remember position"Stefano Pigozzi2013-05-232-7/+20
* input: do property expansion for all input command string argumentswm42013-05-181-1/+1
* macosx_application: fix crash when quitting playerStefano Pigozzi2013-05-121-1/+5
* macosx_application: add menu item for hide operationStefano Pigozzi2013-05-121-0/+2
* OSX: run native event loop in a separate threadStefano Pigozzi2013-05-123-59/+71
* OSX: use native Cocoa's event loopStefano Pigozzi2013-05-125-126/+446
* mp_msg: fix status output disappearing when redirecting INPUT.Rudolf Polzer2013-03-181-2/+2
* Prefix keycode defines with MP_wm42013-02-122-52/+52
* cocoa_events: remove this functionalityStefano Pigozzi2013-02-022-167/+0
* mp_msg, getch2: unix tty background supportRudolf Polzer2013-01-233-17/+104
* Replace strsep() useswm42013-01-132-88/+0
* windows support: fix _wstat misusagewm42013-01-132-2/+2
* osdep: remove gettimeofday() emulationwm42013-01-131-29/+0
* osdep: remove setenv() emulationwm42013-01-131-43/+0
* osdep: remove broken vsscanf() emulationwm42013-01-131-36/+0
* Update copyright yearwm42013-01-041-1/+1
* path: add mp_find_config_file and reorganize some of the codeStefano Pigozzi2012-12-152-0/+56
* Rename directories, move files (step 2 of 2)wm42012-11-129-13/+13
* build: fix compilation on Windows (manifest files)wm42012-10-202-0/+0
* Rename to "mpv"wm42012-10-124-10/+10
* windows support: include io.h when building on CygwinKovensky2012-09-301-0/+4
* getch2: request at least 1 byte of input each readRudolf Polzer2012-09-191-1/+1
* timer: remove timer_namewm42012-09-074-14/+0
* macosx_finder_args: fix file open orderStefano Pigozzi2012-08-161-1/+3
* macosx_finder_args: make work with recent changesStefano Pigozzi2012-08-162-4/+4
* cache2: allow cache sizes up to 4 TBmplayer-svn2012-08-032-9/+17
* osdep:/glob-win.c: reformatmplayer-svn2012-08-031-55/+47
* Remove leftover BeOS support stuffwm42012-08-033-38/+0
* mplayer: turn playtree into a list, and change per-file option handlingwm42012-07-312-18/+20
* mp_msg: remove filename_recodewm42012-07-313-69/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'wm42012-04-292-0/+167
| * OSX, input: implement wakeup in response to Cocoa eventsStefano Pigozzi2012-04-262-0/+167
* | win32: simplify icon loadingwm42012-04-141-3/+3
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'wm42012-04-137-470/+17
| * build: remove OS/2 supportUoti Urpala2012-04-066-466/+3
| * input: stop trying to read terminal input on EOFUoti Urpala2012-04-063-4/+14
* | win32: use more unicode functionswm42012-04-062-5/+22
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'wm42012-04-013-132/+99
| * macosx_finder_args: use a custom logfile instead of system.logStefano Pigozzi2012-03-251-0/+12
| * macosx_finder_args: use cocoa instead of carbonStefano Pigozzi2012-03-253-132/+87
| * input: handle UTF-8 terminal inputwm42012-03-251-0/+11
| * input: allow unicode keys and reassign internal key codeswm42012-03-251-1/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into my_masterwm42012-03-164-2/+331
| * windows: terminal: unicode, --msgcolor, size changeMartin Herkt2012-03-093-0/+66
| * windows support: unicode filenameswm42012-03-092-0/+261
| * cleanup: Silence compilation warnings on MinGW-w64wm42012-03-012-2/+4
* | input: restore terminal attributes after resumewm42012-02-251-6/+21
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into my_masterwm42012-02-191-1/+1
| * Update copyright yearUoti Urpala2012-01-281-1/+1
* | input: fix "enter" on consolewm42012-02-191-8/+9
* | input: handle UTF-8 terminal inputwm42012-01-181-0/+10
* | input: allow unicode keys and reassign internal key codeswm42012-01-181-1/+1
* getch2.c: fix negative keycodes returned for non-asciiUoti Urpala2011-10-031-1/+1
* osdep/mplayer.rc: change to use "mplayer2" nameMartin Herkt2011-08-211-7/+6
* build: fix --enable-debug, remove some "#ifdef MP_DEBUG"Uoti Urpala2011-07-301-3/+0
* options: change option parsing to use bstrUoti Urpala2011-07-291-1/+1
* options: indicate ambiguous option parameters explicitlyUoti Urpala2011-07-291-1/+1
* input: don't make fd 0 nonblockingUoti Urpala2011-07-171-5/+0
* input: make slave command file descriptors nonblockingUoti Urpala2011-05-041-2/+2
* input: move all key code lists to input/keycodes.hUoti Urpala2011-05-024-106/+3
* input: make stdin non-blocking for terminal inputUoti Urpala2011-04-281-1/+7
* tl_matroska.c: move the find_files() function hereUoti Urpala2011-03-032-79/+0
* bstr.[ch], path.[ch]: add string and path handling functionsUoti Urpala2011-02-261-27/+7
* osdep: tweak some #includesdiego2011-01-315-1/+6
* build: cygwin: don't rely on _WIN32 being definedreimar2011-01-291-1/+1
* Merge branch 'hr-seek'Uoti Urpala2010-12-201-0/+6
| * input: support bindings with modifier keys for X inputUoti Urpala2010-12-201-0/+6
* | vd_ffmpeg: set thread count to number of cores on machine by defaultUoti Urpala2010-12-202-0/+67
* cleanup: remove NULL checks before free() all over the codecboesch2010-11-141-2/+1
* osdep/macosx_finder_args.h: include required header m_config.hdiego2010-11-021-0/+1
* osdep: Fix gettimeofday type to match the real onereimar2010-11-021-1/+2
* Windows support: add a manifest filereimar2010-11-022-0/+22
* Delete things related to old translation systemUoti Urpala2010-03-101-1/+0
* Merge svn changes up to r30848Uoti Urpala2010-03-102-23/+21
| * 1. Move the macros for priority classes for OS/2 from priority.c to osdep.hkomh2010-03-042-23/+21
* | Merge svn changes up to r30798Uoti Urpala2010-03-102-13/+57
| * Add cddb:// support for OS/2komh2010-02-281-0/+33
| * Add support for reading key events from MinGW xterm.reimar2010-02-281-1/+10
| * Make -slave also work with the normal console on Windows.reimar2010-02-271-3/+8
| * Do not misuse the stdin name.reimar2010-02-271-10/+8
| * Include getch2.h to get rid of some warnings.reimar2010-02-271-0/+1
* | Merge svn changes up to r30748Uoti Urpala2010-03-101-1/+1
| * Do not cast the results of malloc/calloc/realloc.diego2010-02-261-1/+1
* | Merge svn changes up to r30732Uoti Urpala2010-03-104-3/+42
| * Add header for macosx_finder_args() instead of forward declaring it.diego2010-02-232-0/+27
| * Mark sleep_accurate() as static, it is only used within the file.diego2010-02-221-1/+1
| * Conditionally declare mp_input_slave_cmd_func().diego2010-02-221-2/+1
| * Properly declare get_term_charset() instead of forward declaring it.diego2010-02-221-0/+13
| * cosmetics: Remove pointless empty lines at EOF.diego2010-02-205-5/+0
| * #include corresponding .h files in .c files.diego2010-02-164-0/+5
* | Merge svn changes up to r30375Uoti Urpala2010-01-252-0/+31
| * Add a proper header for our strsep implementation so strsep willreimar2010-01-172