path: root/libmpv/render_gl.h
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* drm: fix libmpv ABI breakage introduced in 351c083487050c88adb0e3d60f2174850f...Anton Kindestam2019-09-181-13/+25
* Merge commit '559a400ac36e75a8d73ba263fd7fa6736df1c2da' into wm4-commits--mer...Anton Kindestam2018-12-051-5/+13
| * client API: some doxygen fixes/additionswm42018-05-241-5/+13
* | drm: rename plane options to better, invariant, namesAnton Kindestam2018-12-011-3/+8
* | hwdec_vaegl: Fix VAAPI EGL interop used with gpu-context=drmAnton Kindestam2018-07-091-1/+7
* drm/atomic: refactor hwdec_drmprime_drm with native resourcesLongChair2018-05-011-0/+31
* client API: add a new way to pass X11 Display etc. to render APIwm42018-03-261-5/+4
* client API: deprecate opengl-cb API and introduce a replacement APIwm42018-02-281-0/+155