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* Don't sort events when reading external subs. With r19644, the order does not...eugeni2006-09-021-19/+0
* Better collision detection algorithm. The idea is to keep a subtitle in placeeugeni2006-09-021-0/+2
* Read layer info from external subs.eugeni2006-09-021-0/+1
* Bugfix: potential write of unallocated memory.eugeni2006-08-311-3/+5
* Apply -ass-force-style also to tracks generated from subdata.eugeni2006-08-291-1/+1
* Ignore '*' at the beginning of style name.eugeni2006-08-281-0/+1
* New cmdline option: -ass-force-style.eugeni2006-08-221-1/+74
* SSA/ASS parser reworked, with 2 main results:eugeni2006-08-221-112/+230
* Add public functions for removal of styles and events.eugeni2006-08-211-21/+22
* Replace stdint.h with inttypes.h.eugeni2006-08-151-1/+0
* Replace %lld with PRId64, part 2.eugeni2006-08-131-1/+1
* MinGW treats %lld as %d. Replace it with PRId64.eugeni2006-08-131-1/+2
* Initial libass release (without mencoder support).eugeni2006-07-071-0/+857