path: root/demux/demux_subreader.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Split mpvcore/ into common/, misc/, bstr/wm42013-12-171-2/+2
* Move options/config related files from mpvcore/ to options/wm42013-12-171-1/+1
* demux: make determining seek capability genericwm42013-11-031-0/+2
* demux: remove unused audio_delay parameter from demux_seek()wm42013-08-221-2/+1
* demux_subreader: report what subtitle format has been foundwm42013-08-121-0/+2
* core: move contents to mpvcore (2/2)Stefano Pigozzi2013-08-061-3/+3
* demux_subreader: make clang happy to fix warningwm42013-07-151-1/+1
* demux: make claiming accurate seek the defaultwm42013-07-121-2/+0
* demux: assume correct-pts mode by defaultwm42013-07-121-2/+0
* demux: remove useless author/comment fieldswm42013-07-121-4/+1
* demux: rewrite probing and demuxer initializationwm42013-07-121-4/+5
* demux: change signature of open functions, cleanupswm42013-07-111-3/+3
* core: don't access demux_stream outside of demux.c, make it privatewm42013-07-111-1/+1
* sub: prevent subtitle conversion if subs are known UTF-8wm42013-06-251-0/+1
* demux_subreader: remove iconv/enca codewm42013-06-251-154/+1
* sub: attempt to use video FPS for frame based subtitle formatswm42013-06-251-0/+1
* subreader: turn into actual demuxerwm42013-06-251-49/+224
* Move/rename subreader.cwm42013-06-251-0/+1378