path: root/audio/out/ao_coreaudio_utils.h
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* ao_coreaudio: replace fourcc_repr()wm42016-01-111-3/+0
* ao_coreaudio: fix device latency, share the codewm42015-07-061-0/+1
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: move generic functions to utilswm42015-06-021-0/+10
* ao_coreaudio_utils: don't require talloc for fourcc_repr()wm42015-05-051-1/+3
* ao_coreaudio_utils: add a format negotiation helper functionwm42015-05-051-0/+3
* ao_coreaudio_utils: add function for ASBD -> mp format lookupwm42015-04-291-0/+3
* ao_coreaudio: move some helpers to utilswm42015-03-101-0/+3
* ao_coreaudio: use device UID instead of ID for selectionStefano Pigozzi2015-02-031-0/+3
* coreaudio: use the new device selection APIStefano Pigozzi2014-10-121-2/+2
* ao_coreaudio: move channel mapping away from utilsStefano Pigozzi2014-07-021-3/+0
* ao_coreaudio: fill asbd with an helper functionStefano Pigozzi2014-07-021-0/+1
* ao_coreaudio: move device related functions to the new AOStefano Pigozzi2014-07-021-28/+0
* ao_coreaudio: move spdif code to a new AOStefano Pigozzi2014-07-021-0/+3
* ao_coreaudio: use description-based channel layoutsStefano Pigozzi2014-05-101-3/+2
* audio/out: make ao struct opaquewm42014-03-091-0/+1
* Split mpvcore/ into common/, misc/, bstr/wm42013-12-171-1/+1
* core: move contents to mpvcore (2/2)Stefano Pigozzi2013-08-061-1/+1
* ao_coreaudio: move to new log APIStefano Pigozzi2013-08-011-13/+18
* ao_coreaudio: refactor chmap detectionStefano Pigozzi2013-07-221-3/+4
* ao_coreaudio: move utils functions to snake_caseStefano Pigozzi2013-07-221-5/+5
* ao_coreaudio: split ao_coreaudio_common in two filesStefano Pigozzi2013-07-221-0/+77