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* Release 0.11.0v0.11.0Martin Herkt2015-09-232-1/+80
* Merge branch 'master' into release/currentMartin Herkt2015-09-23104-5686/+1402
| * DOCS: update client API changes for releaseMartin Herkt2015-09-231-1/+1
| * DOCS: update release policyMartin Herkt2015-09-231-27/+69
| * win32: allow multiple windows at the same timewm42015-09-221-6/+1
| * build: allow disabling vapoursynth completelywm42015-09-221-7/+8
| * player: fix excessive CPU usage in audio-only modewm42015-09-221-3/+4
| * player: some more --force-window fixeswm42015-09-212-12/+17
| * player: do not destroy VO prematurely when initializing playbackwm42015-09-201-1/+2
| * player: rename and move find_subfiles.cwm42015-09-206-5/+5
| * player: add opus to list of external audio file extensionswm42015-09-201-1/+1
| * player: make force-window in auto-profiles actually workwm42015-09-204-29/+36
| * player: make force-window=immediate work in auto-profileswm42015-09-201-0/+3
| * vf_yadif: add hack for Libav compatibilitywm42015-09-201-3/+12
| * audio/filter: remove reentrancy flagwm42015-09-205-22/+1
| * TOOLS/ only check the actual exit code when calling mpvPhilip Sequeira2015-09-201-2/+2
| * vf_vdpaurb: query_format is still requiredPhilip Langdale2015-09-181-0/+6
| * vf_vdpaurb: Pass through non-hardware-decoded contentPhilip Langdale2015-09-151-9/+8
| * manpage: add a note about libavfilterwm42015-09-112-0/+8
| * video/filter: remove some vf_lavfi wrapperswm42015-09-118-380/+0
| * vf_lavfi: cosmetics: fix coding stylewm42015-09-111-11/+11
| * af_lavfi: implement af-metadata propertywm42015-09-116-10/+63
| * af: use generic statuc codeswm42015-09-111-7/+7
| * player: prefer logical current directory pathwm42015-09-111-0/+4
| * vf: vf_stereo3d depends on libavfilterwm42015-09-112-2/+2
| * ao_lavc: minor simplificationwm42015-09-111-2/+2
| * ao_alsa: use sample format determination codeKevin Mitchell2015-09-101-12/+10
| * ao_alsa: add double to sample format listKevin Mitchell2015-09-101-0/+1
| * ao_alsa: put spdif formats into find_alsa_formatKevin Mitchell2015-09-101-9/+9
| * audio/format: revise af_format_conversion_scoreKevin Mitchell2015-09-101-8/+13
| * video: make --field-dominance set interlaced flagKevin Mitchell2015-09-102-4/+10
| * vo_rpi: fix compilationwm42015-09-111-2/+2
| * ao_oss: use new sample format determination codewm42015-09-101-1/+2
| * ao_lavc: use new sample format determination codewm42015-09-103-24/+16
| * audio/format: add function for determining sample conversion candidateswm42015-09-102-0/+32
| * audio/format: fix interlaved vs. non-interleaved conversionswm42015-09-101-1/+1
| * audio/format: actually prefer float over double sample formatwm42015-09-101-1/+1
| * video: do not use deprecated libavutil pixdesc fieldswm42015-09-103-5/+27
| * vo_opengl: fix shader compilation with debanding and OSX hwdecwm42015-09-103-8/+10
| * vo_opengl: move sampler type mapping to a functionwm42015-09-102-7/+14
| * command: make "add <property> 0" not change the valuewm42015-09-103-5/+10
| * cache: do not include backbuffer size in total stream cache sizewm42015-09-102-2/+4
| * DOCS: cleanup API changes version markerswm42015-09-102-10/+11
| * vo_opengl: fix deband sub-option handlingwm42015-09-091-1/+6
| * vo_opengl: implement debanding (and remove source-shader)Niklas Haas2015-09-097-98/+228
| * old-makefile: update for recent OpenGL refactorswm42015-09-091-9/+14
| * vo_opengl: move self-contained shader routines to a separate fileNiklas Haas2015-09-095-348/+425
| * vo_opengl: reduce code duplication for scaler optionsNiklas Haas2015-09-091-33/+16
| * vo_opengl: remove gl_ prefixes from files in video/out/openglNiklas Haas2015-09-0927-56/+56
| * vo_opengl: move gl_* files to their own subdirNiklas Haas2015-09-0927-40/+40
| * vo_opengl: minor refactorNiklas Haas2015-09-091-5/+5
| * Use setfield, not --field-dominance. See #2297.Rudolf Polzer2015-09-091-6/+6
| * vo_opengl: filter allowed options in dumb-modewm42015-09-081-14/+14
| * vo_opengl: move gl_video_opts copying code to separate functionwm42015-09-082-15/+22
| * af_lavrresample: remove unnecessary indirectionswm42015-09-081-35/+30
| * af_lavrresample: add normalize suboptionwm42015-09-082-1/+13
| * vo_opengl: restore single pass optimization as separate code pathwm42015-09-073-31/+92
| * vo_opengl: move video source rectangle computation to a functionwm42015-09-071-18/+29
| * vo_opengl: comsetics: remove unnecessary line breakwm42015-09-071-4/+2
| * vo_opengl: require FBOs and get rid of the single-pass optimizationNiklas Haas2015-09-072-91/+42
| * osd: delay libass initialization as far as possiblewm42015-09-072-5/+11
| * options: fix --no-configwm42015-09-054-5/+5
| * DOCS/client_api_examples/sdl: make the window resizablewm42015-09-041-1/+2
| * af_lavrresample: add missing include statementwm42015-09-041-0/+1
| * vo_opengl: use the correct attribute name for vertex positionwm42015-09-041-2/+2
| * audio/filter: remove af_bs2b toowm42015-09-047-202/+0
| * audio/filter: remove some useless filterswm42015-09-0324-4132/+0
* | Release 0.10.0v0.10.0Martin Herkt2015-09-032-0/+980
* player: log error code on playback exitwm42015-09-031-0/+2
* ebml: warn if an EBML has unknown lengthwm42015-09-031-0/+4
* manpage: fix typowm42015-09-031-1/+1
* vd_lavc: better hwdec log outputwm42015-09-022-4/+17
* vd_lavc: factor all hwdec fallbacks into the same functionwm42015-09-021-24/+19
* vo_opengl: improve robustness against PBO failurewm42015-09-021-29/+40
* vo_opengl: enable pbo by default with opengl-hqwm42015-09-022-1/+2
* vo_opengl: slightly simplify plane size determinationwm42015-09-021-2/+5
* vo_opengl: don't distinguish "real" and texture sizewm42015-09-023-34/+28
* vo_opengl: simplify PBO copywm42015-09-021-6/+2
* vo_opengl: rename get_image to map_imagewm42015-09-021-2/+2
* vo_opengl: remove redundant statement in PBO codewm42015-09-022-5/+0
* screenshot: avoid confusing template error message with no fileKevin Mitchell2015-09-021-9/+11
* sub: always try to use libavcodec text subtitle converterwm42015-09-011-12/+4
* vo_opengl: remove some leftoverswm42015-09-011-4/+0
* vo_opengl, vda: return to old statewm42015-09-012-31/+5
* sub: fix --sub-codepage UTF-8 with fallbackwm42015-09-011-0/+4
* vo_rpi, vo_opengl: do not globally terminate EGL on VO uninitwm42015-08-311-2/+1
* vo_opengl: fix alpha video in one casewm42015-08-301-0/+2
* video: make container vs. bitstream aspect ratio configurablewm42015-08-307-18/+59
* w32: shift drag and drop appendsKevin Mitchell2015-08-301-2/+4
* x11: drag and drop append with modifierKevin Mitchell2015-08-302-1/+8
* input: add append argument to file drop eventKevin Mitchell2015-08-306-12/+21
* osc: reinit on playlist changesKevin Mitchell2015-08-291-0/+1
* player: slightly better error reporting when opening file failswm42015-08-281-2/+7
* client API: improve an error messagewm42015-08-281-1/+1
* osc: exit tick immediately if disabled.torque2015-08-281-0/+2
* sd_ass: assume negative durations are unknown durations, and handle themwm42015-08-271-5/+27
* ytdl: catch bogous extractor infoChrisK22015-08-271-12/+12
* demux_mkv: discard broken indexwm42015-08-261-4/+17
* demux_mkv: don't read index twicewm42015-08-261-1/+1
* video: disable interpolation during framesteppingwm42015-08-251-0/+1
* vo_opengl: force redraw when framestepping with interpolationwm42015-08-251-1/+3
* ao_alsa: fix minor memory leakwm42015-08-251-8/+11
* vd_lavc: bump number of allocated surfaces for hwdec with HEVCwm42015-08-241-1/+4
* vaapi: add HEVC profile entrieswm42015-08-241-0/+10
* demux_libarchive: don't allow probing to read unlimited datawm42015-08-241-5/+17
* vda, videotoolbox: guard against unexpected pixel formatwm42015-08-231-0/+4
* audio: don't sleep when finishing audio resyncwm42015-08-231-1/+1
* vda, videotoolbox: fix broken condition in screenshot codewm42015-08-231-1/+1
* stream_libarchive: read tar only in "unsafe" modewm42015-08-221-2/+4
* player: add --playlist-pos optionwm42015-08-225-1/+24
* vo_opengl: remove dead codewm42015-08-221-9/+0
* docs: correct typo for 'ingore-chmap'Ellis Berner2015-08-221-1/+1
* command: make the playback-time property writablewm42015-08-212-2/+9
* player: return better guess for playback time during seekswm42015-08-211-13/+27
* options: sub-file replaces subfile, instead of subStian Eikeland2015-08-211-1/+1
* gl_wayland: Wait for frame callbacksJari Vetoniemi2015-08-211-0/+5
* vo_wayland: Wait for frame callbacksJari Vetoniemi2015-08-213-18/+84
* gl_wayland: eglSwapInterval(0) to avoid blockingJari Vetoniemi2015-08-213-18/+14
* TOOLS/lua/autoload: fix adding more files at end of auto-playlistRicardo Constantino2015-08-201-2/+5
* TOOLS/lua/autoload: add all files on startwm42015-08-201-2/+2
* stream_libarchive: disable raw filterwm42015-08-201-2/+0
* vo_opengl: add tscale-clamp optionNiklas Haas2015-08-205-2/+15
* vo_rpi: disable background by defaultwm42015-08-202-6/+18
* player: deliver IDLE event after uninitializing statewm42015-08-201-1/+1
* gl_rpi: destroy the EGLSurface toowm42015-08-201-2/+5
* vo_rpi: use correct variable for osd layerwm42015-08-201-1/+1
* stream_libarchive: fix libarchive callback signaturewm42015-08-201-1/+1
* vo_rpi: fix blackscreen before the first subtitle/OSD is renderedwm42015-08-201-0/+1
* old-configure: avoid a warningwm42015-08-191-0/+1
* vd_lavc: remove unneeded hwdec parameterswm42015-08-198-25/+16
* video: don't decode 2 frames ahead with display-syncwm42015-08-191-2/+1
* build: make sure the HAVE_ key is undefined on failureStefano Pigozzi2015-08-191-0/+1
* Revert "build: workaround for broken waf crap"Stefano Pigozzi2015-08-191-7/+1
* build: workaround for broken waf crapwm42015-08-181-1/+7
* stream_libarchive: restrict number of allowed formatswm42015-08-181-2/+11
* manpage: fix typowm42015-08-181-1/+1
* vo_rpi: redraw subtitles only on changewm42015-08-183-4/+33
* vo_rpi: use EGL to render subtitleswm42015-08-185-137/+91
* rpi: factor out context creationwm42015-08-182-63/+108
* demux_libarchive: reject 0-sized fileswm42015-08-181-0/+3
* stream: provide a stream_get_size() convenience functionwm42015-08-189-30/+27
* demux_libarchive: open flat compressed fileswm42015-08-173-4/+13
* DOCS/client_api_examples/sdl: don't curse the mainloopwm42015-08-171-2/+2
* video: fix VideoToolbox/VDA autodetectionwm42015-08-174-44/+24
* stream: libarchive wrapper for reading compressed archiveswm42015-08-179-0/+378
* player: actually close files on playback endwm42015-08-151-1/+1
* vo_rpi: fix NULL pointer derefwm42015-08-141-1/+1
* atomics: cleanup HAVE_ATOMICS definewm42015-08-132-5/+3
* vo_rpi: simplify background handlingwm42015-08-131-19/+1
* vo_rpi: unregister vsync callbackwm42015-08-131-1/+3
* vo_rpi: skip OSD rendering when repeating frameswm42015-08-131-4/+8
* DOCS/client_api_examples/sdl: add more explanation commentswm42015-08-121-1/+21
* client API: change subtle wording to different subtle wordingwm42015-08-121-1/+1
* player: use OSD formattin for DS on the terminal status linewm42015-08-122-4/+9
* demux: remove redundant fieldwm42015-08-127-22/+13
* vo: fix video EOF with display-syncwm42015-08-121-2/+2
* DOCS/client_api_examples/sdl: don't load file before GL initwm42015-08-111-4/+4
* cocoa: hide cursor using a blank image instead of a system-wide APIRodger Combs2015-08-111-4/+14
* DOCS/client_api_examples: add SDL OpenGL examplewm42015-08-112-0/+142
* manpage: fix typowm42015-08-111-1/+1
* osc: avoid annoying verbose mode log spamwm42015-08-101-6/+22
* vo_rpi: support display syncwm42015-08-101-4/+51
* player: add display sync modewm42015-08-1013-17/+451
* player: separate controls for user and video controlled speedwm42015-08-107-22/+64
* player: redo estimated-vf-fps calculationwm42015-08-104-7/+81
* demux_mkv: disable timestamp fixup code againwm42015-08-102-2/+2
* TOOLS/stats-conv: allow passing regex via command linewm42015-08-101-1/+4
* video: remove old vdpau hwaccel API usagewm42015-08-103-233/+0
* command: improve A-B loop OSD messageswm42015-08-101-2/+2
* TOOLS/lua/autoload: don't run if playlist is loadedRicardo Constantino2015-08-101-0/+4
* TOOLS/lua: Add zones.luaRicardo Constantino2015-08-091-0/+74
* options: remove the period at the end of "No file."Niklas Haas2015-08-091-1/+1
* options: move program name to end of window titleMartin Herkt2015-08-091-1/+1
* manpage: document videotoolbox supportwm42015-08-081-0/+1
* av_common: remove deprecated API usagewm42015-08-071-2/+0
* audio: remove unused legacy libavutil headerwm42015-08-073-3/+0
* player: raise maximum idle timewm42015-08-071-1/+1
* build: fix build with --disable-tv --enable-pvrwm42015-08-061-0/+1
* manpage: use - as separator for the remaining commandswm42015-08-061-22/+22
* lua: implement input_enable_section/input_disable_section via commandswm42015-08-066-44/+31
* command: define-section with empty contents removes a sectionwm42015-08-062-1/+3
* lua: make mp.input_define_section use the define-section commandwm42015-08-062-21/+7
* command: add a command for defining input bindingswm42015-08-064-0/+32
* demux: add options to control maximum queue sizewm42015-08-056-6/+27
* demux: remove options to control minimum packet queue sizewm42015-08-055-27/+1
* old-configure: add dummies for recently added config.h entrieswm42015-08-051-0/+9
* DOCS: document video-aspect behavior changewm42015-08-051-0/+3
* vf_vdpaurb: Don't segfault if input mpi is nullPhilip Langdale2015-08-051-0/+4
* build: fix conditions for building gl_hwdec_vda.cwm42015-08-051-1/+1
* hwdec: add VideoToolbox supportSebastien Zwickert2015-08-0511-12/+198
* vo_vdpau: fix frame scheduling if display FPS is unknownwm42015-08-042-3/+3
* charset_conv: use our own UTF-8 check with ENCA onlywm42015-08-041-6/+5
* command: always make video-aspect property accessiblewm42015-08-041-14/+14
* command: fix video-aspect property update notificationwm42015-08-041-1/+1
* osc: completely disable if no VO window existswm42015-08-041-1/+7
* command: make auto-deinterlacing output at field ratewm42015-08-041-1/+1
* player: warn against using HLS URLs with --playlistwm42015-08-042-1/+8
* charset_conv: "auto" encoding detection now uses uchardet.Jehan2015-08-042-5/+8
* input.conf: remap d/D keyswm42015-08-043-7/+4
* player: use demux_open_url() to open main fileswm42015-08-043-65/+41
* stream: remove remaining DVD/BD menu definitionswm42015-08-032-88/+0
* stream_bluray: remove menu implementationwm42015-08-031-358/+11
* stream_dvdnav: rip out lower-level menu implementationwm42015-08-031-255/+7
* player: remove higher-level remains of DVD/BD menu supportwm42015-08-0320-541/+1
* video: unbreak EOF with video-only files that have timestamp resetswm42015-08-031-1/+2
* vo: fix inverted conditionwm42015-08-031-1/+1
* audio: fix --end handling (again)wm42015-08-031-5/+2
* charset_conv: fix switched parameterswm42015-08-021-1/+1
* image_writer: don't use jpeg baseline, and remove useless jpeg optionswm42015-08-021-6/+1
* build: make charset detectors dependent on iconv and group themwm42015-08-021-4/+11
* charset_conv: add uchardet supportwm42015-08-023-0/+47
* charset_conv: make it possible to return an allocated string as guesswm42015-08-013-10/+14
* audio: remove questionable speed change adjustmentwm42015-08-011-3/+0
* video: move frame duration code to a separate functionwm42015-08-011-11/+23
* vo: correctly account for dropped frameswm42015-08-011-4/+4
* terminal: disable terminal foreground state pollingwm42015-08-011-2/+1
* audio: remove af_dummywm42015-08-014-65/+0
* old-configure: some adjustmentswm42015-08-011-2/+2
* vo_opengl: minor simplificationswm42015-08-011-4/+2
* win32: revert wchar_t changeswm42015-08-0113-50/+48
* win32: more wchar_t -> WCHAR replacementswm42015-07-309-17/+18
* vo_direct3d: create multithreaded IDirect3DDevice9wm42015-07-301-1/+2
* TOOLS: remove youtube-starttime.luawm42015-07-291-34/+0
* ytdl: get start_timeRicardo Constantino2015-07-291-0/+6
* ytdl: print command in debug modeRicardo Constantino2015-07-291-0/+1
* demux_playlist: skip hidden directorieswm42015-07-291-1/+1
* command: let track properties return option value in idle modewm42015-07-291-1/+5
* win32: replace wchar_t with WCHARwm42015-07-297-32/+33
* video: move up vo_frame setupwm42015-07-281-12/+12
* vo_opengl: framebuffers work under GLES 2wm42015-07-271-1/+1
* vo_opengl: slightly more informative message when disabling scalerswm42015-07-271-4/+4
* win32: pthread: don't play dirty tricks for mutex initwm42015-07-272-28/+10
* win32: add portable config modewm42015-07-272-9/+38
* vo_rpi: determine and return display refresh ratewm42015-07-271-0/+24
* audio: fix restoring volumeshdown2015-07-271-1/+1
* video: always decode at least 2 frames in advancewm42015-07-261-5/+1
* Copyright: mention that more liberal licenses are ok toowm42015-07-261-1/+1
* vo_opengl: minor cleanup to hwdec texture setting codewm42015-07-261-14/+9
* build: remove useless classStefano Pigozzi2015-07-266-48/+37
* manpage: document --audio-channels=auto caveatswm42015-07-252-2/+11
* Require contributions in LGPLv2.1+wm42015-07-242-2/+13
* vo_opengl: remove legacy GL detectionwm42015-07-241-23/+1
* audio: remove an unused parameterwm42015-07-241-3/+2
* audio: fix EOF state with --keep-openwm42015-07-241-1/+1
* command: add property indicating per-file optionswm42015-07-235-0/+11
* vo_opengl: fix scale=oversample's threshold calculationsNiklas Haas2015-07-231-1/+1
* video: don't restrict --vd-lavc-threads to a maximum of 16wm42015-07-232-4/+5
* manpage: fix typowm42015-07-231-1/+1
* Revert "vo_opengl: make the size of interpolation textures exact"wm42015-07-221-2/+2
* cache: make backbuffer size configurablewm42015-07-225-11/+30
* cache: fix backbuffer logicwm42015-07-221-4/+5
* TOOLS: unbreak osxbundle.pyChrisK22015-07-211-1/+1
* video: always re-probe auto deint filter on filter reconfigwm42015-07-213-10/+24
* vf_scale: cleanup log messageswm42015-07-201-12/+3
* vo: minor simplification for queue size handlingwm42015-07-206-18/+17
* vo_opengl: add temporal-dither-period optionNiklas Haas2015-07-203-1/+10
* demux_mkv: remove unnecessary codewm42015-07-201-4/+0
* demux_mkv: parse FLAC channel layoutswm42015-07-201-0/+67
* vo_opengl: make oversample the default for opengl-hq as wellNiklas Haas2015-07-201-1/+1
* af_lavrresample: always reinit resampler on filter reinitwm42015-07-191-18/+1
* af_lavrresample: don't unnecessarily print remix messagewm42015-07-191-8/+8
* TOOLS/ die loudly if mpv fails to runPhilip Sequeira2015-07-191-2/+13
* vf_vapoursynth: relicense to LGPL 2.1+wm42015-07-191-7/+7
* build: update waf to 1.8.12Stefano Pigozzi2015-07-181-2/+2
* command: add track-list/N/audio-channels propertydeuiore2015-07-183-0/+14
* vo_opengl: make the size of interpolation textures exactNiklas Haas2015-07-181-2/+2
* screenshot: don't write PNG colorspace tags by defaultwm42015-07-183-2/+3
* sub: add option for stretching image subtitles to screenwm42015-07-185-0/+17
* av_log: remove dumb shitwm42015-07-181-24/+1
* vo_opengl: cleanup frame reupload logicwm42015-07-171-8/+9
* build: fix windows compilation after cleanStefano Pigozzi2015-07-171-3/+5
* TOOLS: make autodeint detect telecine in parallelKevin Mitchell2015-07-161-45/+26
* vo_opengl: refactor queue configurationwm42015-07-164-23/+29
* vo: fix number of future frameswm42015-07-162-2/+2
* build: make mpv.rc depend on version.hStefano Pigozzi2015-07-151-0/+4
* vo_opengl: reject future images in different formatswm42015-07-151-1/+2
* vaapi: destroy derived VAImage after each usewm42015-07-151-0/+4
* vo_vaapi: drop unused fieldwm42015-07-151-2/+0
* vaapi: don't assume vaQueryImageFormats() returns sorted listwm42015-07-151-8/+13
* Revert "vaapi: remove vaDeriveImage() code path"wm42015-07-151-17/+40
* vaapi: allow allocating additional surfaces during decodingwm42015-07-151-3/+2
* vo_opengl: simplifywm42015-07-151-26/+11
* player: show larger cache sizes in MB on status linewm42015-07-141-1/+5
* build: don't make create version.h by defaultwm42015-07-142-7/+6
* vf_vdpaupp: Don't crash when evaluating interlacing of NULL mpiPhilip Langdale2015-07-141-1/+1
* README: remove dead links to mailing listswm42015-07-141-4/+0
* player: add missing \n to a messagewm42015-07-131-1/+1
* manpage: fix typowm42015-07-131-1/+1
* sub: call ass_set_fonts() only oncewm42015-07-131-10/+3
* player: extend --hls-bitrate optionwm42015-07-133-8/+17
* player: put --term-playing-msg in a separate log categorywm42015-07-131-1/+3
* demux: handle Matroska-style replaygain tags as wellwm42015-07-121-0/+8
* demux: refactor replaygain tag handlingwm42015-07-121-17/+19
* bootstrap: change waf primary mirrorStefano Pigozzi2015-07-121-1/+1
* build: fix version.h creationStefano Pigozzi2015-07-122-5/+18
* player: use exit code 0 by default for quit, 4 for signals, etc.Philip Sequeira2015-07-114-8/+9
* vo_opengl: reduce verbose outputwm42015-07-111-26/+2
* vo_vdpau: Implement rotation supportPhilip Langdale2015-07-111-8/+84
* vo_opengl: reimplement tscale=oversampleNiklas Haas2015-07-112-10/+33
* vf_vdpaurb: Add a new filter for reading back vdpau decoded framesPhilip Langdale2015-07-115-1/+124
* player: parse and expose m3u playlist titleswm42015-07-105-4/+28
* video: don't force video refresh if video is restartingwm42015-07-101-1/+3
* video: add a way to disable automatic stereo conversionwm42015-07-103-3/+5
* vf_stereo3d: drop internal implementationwm42015-07-101-393/+15
* stream_file: remove an indirectionwm42015-07-101-17/+13
* stream_file: cosmetics: shorten variable namewm42015-07-101-10/+10
* gl_hwdec: change wording in verbose messagewm42015-07-101-1/+1
* player: refactor chapter seek codewm42015-07-103-24/+7
* client API: fix mpv_get_property_async() string casewm42015-07-101-1/+1
* stream_file: initialize `fd`Ben Boeckel2015-07-091-1/+2
* demux_mkv: improve video duration detection heuristicwm42015-07-092-17/+35
* stream_file: add fd:// protocolwm42015-07-092-2/+15
* player: disable seeking even if the cache is enabledwm42015-07-085-3/+11
* player: never overwrite stop_play fieldwm42015-07-085-13/+21
* input: fix exit code for quit-watch-later commandwm42015-07-081-1/+1
* command: allow changing deinterlace property any timewm42015-07-081-1/+1
* vf_vdpaupp: don't attempt to deinterlace progressive frameswm42015-07-083-6/+14
* mp_image: fix vf_vdpaupp referenceswm42015-07-081-2/+0
* vaapi: drop compatibility crap and vo_vaapi deinterlacerwm42015-07-085-97/+16
* vf_vavpp: don't attempt to deinterlace progressive frameswm42015-07-083-0/+12
* vaapi: increase number of additional surfaceswm42015-07-081-6/+2
* command: make deinterlace property use interlaced-only yadif modewm42015-07-072-2/+3
* vf_yadif: expose interlaced frame modewm42015-07-072-14/+9
* vo_opengl_cb, vo_opengl: add option for preloading hwdec contextwm42015-07-078-14/+42
* options: cleanup hwdec name mappingswm42015-07-072-10/+20
* vo_opengl_cb: drop frames eagerly if frames are not renderedwm42015-07-071-1/+7
* af: fix behavior with pathologic filter chainswm42015-07-071-0/+2
* sub: fix srt subs and other caseswm42015-07-071-0/+1
* player: add missing include directivewm42015-07-061-0/+1
* sub: protect ASS_Renderer statewm42015-07-067-4/+24
* dxva2: fix handling of cropped videowm42015-07-061-1/+5
* ao_coreaudio: fix device latency, share the codewm42015-07-064-23/+25
* ipc: fix undefined behavior in some error caseswm42015-07-061-1/+2
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: continue even if setting physical format failswm42015-07-062-2/+4
* video: replace our own refcounting with libavutil'swm42015-07-054-150/+123
* mp_image: make image writeable before overwriting palettewm42015-07-051-2/+4
* vo: free frames before killing VOwm42015-07-041-1/+1
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: fix some verbose outputwm42015-07-041-2/+2
* timer: fix a corner case on clock changeswm42015-07-041-1/+4
* win32: use QueryPerformanceCounter for timingJames Ross-Gowan2015-07-041-13/+11
* ipc: add request_id to jsonPreston Hunt2015-07-032-0/+28
* manpage: fix dwmflush parameterwm42015-07-031-1/+2
* vo: set correct frame parameters on redrawwm42015-07-031-2/+2
* ao: don't pass along AO arguments when redirectingwm42015-07-031-1/+1
* ao_coreaudio: add exclusive suboptionwm42015-07-033-2/+10
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: support PCMwm42015-07-032-17/+35
* ao_coraudio: reject all non-PCM formatswm42015-07-031-1/+1
* ao_coreaudio_utils: reduce spamwm42015-07-031-1/+0
* ao_coreaudio_utils: fix format back-mappingwm42015-07-031-5/+7
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: do not set ao->bpswm42015-07-031-3/+0
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: dump all latency info in verbose modewm42015-07-031-1/+4
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: factor format selectionwm42015-07-031-35/+44
* ao_coreaudio_exclusive: separate out stream selectionwm42015-07-031-61/+76
* client API, dxva2: add a workaround for OpenGL fullscreen issueswm42015-07-038-0/+101
* vo_direct3d, dxva2: use the same D3D devicewm42015-07-034-0/+42
* dxva2: move device creation codewm42015-07-031-34/+50
* vo_opengl: log some more stuff in verbose modewm42015-07-032-1/+4
* av_log: print FFmpeg versionwm42015-07-033-0/+16
* player: simplify reload logicwm42015-07-024-20/+15
* player: remove automatic DVB channel advancement on no datawm42015-07-021-6/+0
* player: unentangle --stream-dumpwm42015-07-023-12/+15
* vo_opengl: fix "freezes" after seeking with interpolation onwm42015-07-021-1/+5
* vo: reset frame timing when redrawingwm42015-07-021-0/+2
* vo_opengl: X11: don't leak when GL init failswm42015-07-021-1/+4
* vo_opengl: X11 EGL: more detailed error reportingwm42015-07-021-2/+6
* vo_opengl: update EGL codewm42015-07-023-20/+35
* vo_opengl: remove unused GL API functionswm42015-07-022-4/+0
* x11: move GCs and background clearing to vo_xvwm42015-07-013-48/+49
* x11: remove clear on mapwm42015-07-012-12/+0
* options: fix conversion of flags to stringswm42015-07-011-2/+7
* vo: better magic value for unknown vsync intervalwm42015-07-012-1/+2
* vo_opengl_cb: fix interpolation code pathwm42015-07-011-6/+2
* vo_opengl: fix framestepping/pausing + interpolationNiklas Haas2015-07-011-2/+8
* vo: change internal API for drawing frameswm42015-07-018-270/+267
* vo_opengl: adjust interpolation code for the new video-sync mechanismNiklas Haas2015-07-015-115/+117
* video: pass vsync offset to VOwm42015-07-012-0/+3
* video: pass future frames to VOwm42015-07-017-44/+142
* af_lavrresample: log actual channel layout conversionswm42015-06-301-3/+6
* demux_lavf: check for NAN rotation angleswm42015-06-301-3/+5
* player: slim down A/V desync warningwm42015-06-301-17/+5
* build: always regenerate version hashwm42015-06-303-30/+17
* manpage: fix copy&paste mistakeswm42015-06-301-22/+20
* input.conf: invert mouse volume controlMartin Herkt2015-06-301-2/+2
* input: improve wording of key binding messageswm42015-06-301-2/+2
* ao_coreaudio: restore physical format if it can't be set exactlywm42015-06-302-2/+14
* ao_coreaudio: support native mono outputwm42015-06-291-0/+2
* ao_coreaudio: log hotplug events explicitlywm42015-06-291-3/+6
* video: fix panscan in vertical casewm42015-06-291-3/+8
* DOCS/man: fix some grammar errorsDaniel Bergmann2015-06-293-4/+4
* vaapi: prefer direct display over copy-backwm42015-06-291-1/+1
* vaapi: treat cropped decoder output slightly more correctlywm42015-06-291-2/+13
* vaapi: fix potential NULL deref on memory allocation failurewm42015-06-291-2/+3
* vaapi: remove vaDeriveImage() code pathwm42015-06-291-40/+17
* x11: remove trailing spaceswm42015-06-291-1/+1
* x11: Handle external fullscreen togglesEduardo Sánchez Muñoz2015-06-282-1/+44
* demux_mkv: disable ordered chapters if ChapterTimeEnd is missingwm42015-06-281-2/+11
* vo_drm: make VT switching non mandatoryrr-2015-06-281-11/+20
* vo_drm: fix missing newlines in error messagesrr-2015-06-281-4/+4
* DOCS: fix recent typoswm42015-06-282-2/+2
* demux: export forced flagwm42015-06-278-4/+28
* demux_mkv: ignore deprecated FrameRate, do not assume PALwm42015-06-271-8/+2
* demux_mkv: remove some ASCII art log messageswm42015-06-271-8/+4
* options: improve an error messagewm42015-06-271-2/+2
* ytdl: don't print failure warning when youtube-dl was killed by uswm42015-06-271-3/+5
* subprocess, lua: export whether the process was killed by uswm42015-06-275-3/+19
* ao_wasapi: fix regressionwm42015-06-271-1/+1
* terminal-unix: set terminal mode on initwm42015-06-271-1/+1
* chmap_sel: add a mechanism for preferred conversionswm42015-06-271-9/+39
* chmap_sel: remove outdated incomplete commentwm42015-06-271-3/+0
* Disable DVD and BD menu support (to be removed)wm42015-06-265-7/+9
* demux_mkv: use arrays for codec lookup tableswm42015-06-261-18/+11
* demux_mkv: minor simplificationwm42015-06-261-3/+1
* audio: fix format function consistency issueswm42015-06-2621-89/+86
* audio: replace format name tablewm42015-06-264-55/+30
* audio: remove bitmask format definition messwm42015-06-262-92/+80
* ao_coreaudio_utils: use a macrowm42015-06-261-1/+1
* ao_sndio: fix commentwm42015-06-261-2/+1
* DOCS/mplayer-changes: Add removal of X11 vorrooij2015-06-261-0/+2
* vo_x11: remove this video outputwm42015-06-265-646/+1
* ao_coreaudio: support non-interleaved outputwm42015-06-262-5/+12
* ao_coreaudio: explicitly skip input streamswm42015-06-262-4/+22
* ao_coreaudio_utils: compare full AudioStreamBasicDescriptionwm42015-06-251-1/+3
* audio: output human-readable channel layouts toowm42015-06-257-10/+38
* audio: fix channel map fallback selection (again)wm42015-06-252-36/+71
* ao: standardize channel layout name in debug output furtherwm42015-06-251-0/+2
* vo_sdl: fix glaring memory leakwm42015-06-251-0/+2
* player, demux: replace some demux_open() uses with demux_open_url()wm42015-06-242-18/+8
* demux_lavf: fix chapter titleswm42015-06-241-1/+1
* Revert "win32: add mappings for some special keys"wm42015-06-241-9/+0
* DOCS: document some recent interface additionswm42015-06-241-0/+2
* demux_mkv: allow integer and float elements with length 0wm42015-06-241-7/+11
* demux: get rid of some bstr thingswm42015-06-248-38/+36
* demux_mkv: don't use byte stringswm42015-06-243-39/+49
* manpage: Fix typo. oacopts -> ovcoptsc_142015-06-231-1/+1
* player: increase tick event update frequencywm42015-06-231-1/+1
* manpage: minor fixeswm42015-06-231-1/+2
* command: export stereo 3D tagswm42015-06-232-0/+7
* af: move af_from_dB() function to af_volume.cwm42015-06-233-22/+11
* af_volume: add a replaygain fallback optionwm42015-06-232-0/+9
* af_lavrresample: free and reallocate resample context on reconfigwm42015-06-221-30/+35
* af_lavrresample: fix commentwm42015-06-221-4/+4
* af: restore detaching of PCM filters when using spdifwm42015-06-223-1/+14
* af_lavrresample: don't flush in uninitialized statewm42015-06-221-1/+2
* ao_alsa: fix a log messagewm42015-06-211-4/+5
* demux: mime types are case-insensitivewm42015-06-211-1/+1
* demux_mkv: share some duplicated codewm42015-06-211-16/+17
* demux: merge extradata fieldswm42015-06-218-28/+20
* demux_mkv: minor audio extradata cleanupwm42015-06-211-27/+24
* demux: rename sh_stream.format to sh_stream.codec_tagwm42015-06-219-18/+16
* video: reduce error message when loading hwdec backend failswm42015-06-2011-19/+28
* x11: make screensaver failure message slightly more friendlywm42015-06-201-2/+4
* client API: allow using msg-level option for log messageswm42015-06-205-12/+21
* av_log: skip prefix if unknownwm42015-06-201-2/+3
* demux_playlist: make mime type comparison case-insensitivewm42015-06-201-1/+1
* win32: remove a wine hackwm42015-06-201-8/+1
* win32: prefer using internal variable for fullscreenwm42015-06-201-11/+12
* demux_mkv: do not reset bits_per_coded_sample if not neededwm42015-06-191-7/+0
* demux_mkv: do not set block_align for codecs which do not need itwm42015-06-191-7/+0
* demux_mkv: do not set bitrate fields for codecs which do not need itwm42015-06-191-7/+0
* demux_mkv: stricter realaudio extradata handlingwm42015-06-191-11/+13
* demux_mkv: separate generic and non-VfW audio codec handling partswm42015-06-191-89/+84
* demux_mkv: remove indirection through defineswm42015-06-192-134/+58
* demux_mkv: remove FourCCs from audio codec handlingwm42015-06-192-122/+73
* osc: time display configuration optionsTeoh Han Hui2015-06-192-2/+12
* player: add some debug output for seekingwm42015-06-183-0/+12
* player: actually play videowm42015-06-181-1/+1
* Various spelling fixesMarcin Kurczewski2015-06-1819-33/+33
* DOCS/ fix Lua packagewm42015-06-181-1/+1
* client API: fix logging memory leakwm42015-06-181-0/+1
* player: make decoding cover art more robustwm42015-06-183-3/+21
* DOCS/manpage: fix typosrrooij2015-06-176-12/+12
* av_log: set default av_log callback on exitwm42015-06-171-0/+1
* ao_wasapi: fix crash on hotplug init errorwm42015-06-171-0/+1
* af_lavrresample: include osdep/endian.hwm42015-06-171-0/+1
* command: do not exit playback if the B point of A-B loop is past EOFwm42015-06-163-18/+25
* player: do not exit when a seek gets queuedwm42015-06-161-0/+4
* af: remove conversion filter searchwm42015-06-163-94/+4
* af_convert24: remove this filterwm42015-06-165-132/+0
* af_lavrresample: integrate 24 bit (3 bytes per sample) outputwm42015-06-161-9/+48
* af_lavrresample: always fill reorderwm42015-06-161-1/+1
* audio: remove S8, U16, U24, U32 formatswm42015-06-1614-199/+26
* DOCS/ drop unused dependencywm42015-06-161-1/+1
* audio: fix crash on uninitwm42015-06-151-1/+1
* af_lavcac3enc: fix A/V syncwm42015-06-151-3/+17
* af: fix an aspect of filter chain flushingwm42015-06-151-0/+11
* audio: remove unused readonly fieldwm42015-06-152-3/+1
* win32: use atomics for COM interface refcountwm42015-06-141-4/+5
* demux_mkv: always copy video extradatawm42015-06-131-16/+14
* demux_mkv: fix mpeg2 mappingwm42015-06-131-1/+1
* demux_mkv: remove FourCCs from video codec handlingwm42015-06-132-39/+27
* demux_mkv: remove a level of indentationwm42015-06-131-53/+52
* demux_mkv: remove ms_compat codewm42015-06-131-11/+5
* vo_drm: fixed crashes with --profile=pseudo-guiMarcin Kurczewski2015-06-131-1/+1
* test: update cmocka version to 1.0Stefano Pigozzi2015-06-134-25/+25
* chmap: make up some channel layout nameswm42015-06-121-0/+3
* ao_alsa: if possible, reorder device maps to std layoutswm42015-06-121-0/+2
* ao_alsa: make it accept 7.1 over HDMIwm42015-06-121-0/+2
* chmap_sel: improve speaker replacement handlingwm42015-06-122-17/+48
* chmap_sel: do naive speaker replacements lastwm42015-06-121-3/+4
* audio: fill NA channels with silencewm42015-06-121-11/+29