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diff --git a/video/decode/lavc.h b/video/decode/lavc.h
index e4db1f5f79..cf5485d3b6 100644
--- a/video/decode/lavc.h
+++ b/video/decode/lavc.h
@@ -99,16 +99,11 @@ struct vd_lavc_hwdec {
// efficiency by not blocking on the hardware pipeline by reading back
// immediately after decoding.
int delay_queue;
- // If true, AVCodecContext will destroy the underlying decoder.
- bool volatile_context;
int (*probe)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx, struct vd_lavc_hwdec *hwdec,
const char *codec);
int (*init)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx);
int (*init_decoder)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx, int w, int h);
void (*uninit)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx);
- // Note: if init_decoder is set, this will always use the values from the
- // last successful init_decoder call. Otherwise, it's up to you.
- struct mp_image *(*allocate_image)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx, int w, int h);
// Process the image returned by the libavcodec decoder.
struct mp_image *(*process_image)(struct lavc_ctx *ctx, struct mp_image *img);
// For copy hwdecs. If probing is true, don't log errors if unavailable.
@@ -126,12 +121,6 @@ struct vd_lavc_hwdec {
// If set, AVCodecContext.hw_frames_ctx will be initialized in get_format,
// and pixfmt_map must be non-NULL.
bool set_hwframes;
- // Array of pixfmt pairs. The first pixfmt is the AVCodecContext.sw_pix_fmt,
- // the second the required AVHWFramesContext.sw_format.
- const enum AVPixelFormat (*pixfmt_map)[2];
- // The generic hwaccel has a fixed pool size. Enough surfaces need to be
- // preallocated before decoding begins. If false, pool size is left to 0.
- bool static_pool;
enum {