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diff --git a/common/encode_lavc.h b/common/encode_lavc.h
index a689b1ea47..97c2cf01f1 100644
--- a/common/encode_lavc.h
+++ b/common/encode_lavc.h
@@ -101,7 +101,12 @@ struct encoder_context *encoder_context_alloc(struct encode_lavc_context *ctx,
// After setting your codec parameters on p->encoder, you call this to "open"
// the encoder. This also initializes p->mux_stream. Returns false on failure.
-bool encoder_init_codec_and_muxer(struct encoder_context *p);
+// on_ready is called as soon as the muxer has been initialized. Then you are
+// allowed to write packets with encoder_encode().
+// Warning: the on_ready callback is called asynchronously, so you need to
+// make sure to properly synchronize everything.
+bool encoder_init_codec_and_muxer(struct encoder_context *p,
+ void (*on_ready)(void *ctx), void *ctx);
// Encode the frame and write the packet. frame is ref'ed as need.
bool encoder_encode(struct encoder_context *p, AVFrame *frame);