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+Release 0.5.0
+- Support setting the start time relative to the start PTS with --start.
+- Use /dev/sr0 as default cdrom/dvd device on Linux.
+- Change "cache" property representation to float.
+- Split the ao_coreaudio audio output into ao_coreaudio (which uses the
+ AudioUnits and the CoreAudio sound server) and ao_coreaudio_device (which uses
+ direct device access).
+- Complete supported URL schemes in the zsh completion script.
+- Enable compiler optimizations (-O2) during build.
+- Allow precise seeking with percent-based seeks too.
+- Do precise seeks when clicking on the OSC seekbar.
+- Remove support for older VDA hwaccel versions on Mac OS X (requires recent
+ versions of ffmpeg/libav).
+- Remove the last remains of slave mode (--slave-broken option). Support for
+ reading input commands from stdin can be emulated using: --input-terminal=no
+ --input-file=/dev/stdin.
+- Some key binding were remapped or removed:
+ + "LEFT" and "RIGHT" have been remapped to seek 5 seconds instead of 10.
+ + "c" for changing the YUV color space was unmapped.
+ + OSD level cycling has been remapped from "o" to "O".
+ + "o" is now mapped to the show_progress command (like "P").
+ + "PGUP" and "PGDWN" have been remapped to chapter-based seeks (the old
+ bindings "@" and "!" are still available). The old behvaiour has been
+ remapped to "Shift+PGUP" and "Shift+PGDWM".
+ + Increasing/decreasing audio delay have been remapped from "+" and "-" to
+ "Ctrl++" and "Ctrl+-".
+ + "(" and ")" for adjusting audio balance have been unmapped.
+ + "F" for toggling the "sub-forced-only" option has been unmapped.
+ + "TAB" for cycling TS programs has been unmapped.
+ + "A" for cycling DVD angle has been unmapped.
+ + "U" for stopping playback has been unmapped.
+ + "l" and "L" for cycling quvi format have been unmapped.
+- Make it possible to build the client API (libmpv) on Mac OS X.
+- Do necessary checks for nested Wayland compositors which only have limited
+ interfaces.
+- The options in the manpage have been re-organized into sections and ordered by
+ usage to make it easier to navigate.
+- The "hard" framedrop mode has been removed (this behaviour is still available
+ via the --vd-lavc-framedrop option).
+- Show the basename of a subtitle file only (without the directory part).
+Bug fixes
+- Use a default color space for files with no video (this fixes color managed
+ OSD messages when no video channel is present).
+- Fix key equivalent dispatching for Cocoa on Mac OS X.
+- Disable non-interleaved audio formats by default with ao_alsa, since some
+ ALSA plugins don't cope well with them (non-interleaved formats can still be
+ enabled using the "non-interleaved" ao_alsa option).
+- Fix deadlock in the client API when calling mpv_terminate_destroy() before
+ mpv_initialize().
+- Fix flushing of filter chain (this fixes a bug where the last frames would get
+ dropped on EOF, if buffered by filters).
+- Actually use the channels.conf configuration file for DVB.
+- Restore the --dvbin-file option.
+- Fix off by one error in the command parser which caused a segfault when using
+ the mp.commandv() Lua function with 10 or more arguments.
+New features
+- Search for config files in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS in addition
+ to ~/.mpv. The config file has also been renamed to mpv.conf (although the
+ old file still works and will be loaded even if the new one exists).
+- Add "playback-time" property that returns the current playback time always
+ starting at 0. This is now used to show the playback time in the OSD and the
+ status line, fixing the shown playback time for transport streams that start
+ at a completely random timestamp.
+- Add cache-related "cache-free", "cache-used" and "cache-idle" properties.
+- Add option to list supported protocols (--list-protocols).
+- Allow setting libavformat stream options with the --stream-lavf-o option.
+- Support running the demuxer in a separate thread and prefetch packets (this
+ can be enabled using the --demuxer-thread option).
+This listing is not complete. There are many more bug fixes and changes. The
+complete change log can be viewed by running ``git log cb250d4..52f2f67`` in
+the git repository.