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@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ Interface changes
- deprecate --af=lavrresample. Use the ``--audio-resample-...`` options to
customize resampling, or the libavfilter ``--af=aresample`` filter.
- add --osd-on-seek
+ - remove outfmt sub-parameter from "format" video filter (no replacement)
+ - some behavior changes in the video filter chain, including:
+ - before, using an incompatible filter with hwdec would disable hwdec;
+ now it disables the filter at runtime instead
+ - inserting an incompatible filter with hwdec at runtime would refuse
+ to insert the filter; now it will add it successfully, but disables
+ the filter slightly later
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
- rename --hwdec=mediacodec option to mediacodec-copy, to reflect
conventions followed by other hardware video decoding APIs
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@@ -110,9 +110,7 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
Format name, e.g. rgb15, bgr24, 420p, etc. (default: don't change).
- ``<outfmt>``
- Format name that should be substituted for the output. If they do not
- have the same bytes per pixel and chroma subsampling, it will fail.
Controls the YUV to RGB color space conversion when playing video. There
are various standards. Normally, BT.601 should be used for SD video, and