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--- mpv 0.29.0 ---
+ 1.100 - bump API number to avoid confusion with mpv release versions
+ - actually apply the GL_MP_MPGetNativeDisplay change for the new render
+ API. This also means compatibility for anything but x11 and wayland
+ through the old opengl-cb GL_MP_MPGetNativeDisplay method is now
+ unsupported.
1.29 - the behavior of mpv_terminate_destroy() and mpv_detach_destroy()
changes subtly (see documentation in the header file). In particular,
mpv_detach_destroy() will not leave the player running in all
@@ -55,6 +60,11 @@ API changes
mpv_opengl_cb_report_flip => mpv_render_context_report_swap
mpv_opengl_cb_uninit_gl => mpv_render_context_free
The VO opengl-cb is also renamed to "libmpv".
+ Also, the GL_MP_MPGetNativeDisplay pseudo extension is not used by the
+ render API anymore, and the old opengl-cb API only handles the "x11"
+ and "wl" names anymore. Support for everything else has been removed.
+ The new render API uses proper API parameters, e.g. for X11 you pass
- deprecate the qthelper.hpp header file. This provided some C++ helper
utility functions for Qt with use of libmpv. There is no reason to
keep this in the mpv git repository, nor to make it part of the libmpv