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@@ -838,7 +838,7 @@ Audio
Note that many AOs have a ``device`` sub-option, which overrides the
device selection of this option (but not the audio output selection).
Likewise, forcing an AO with ``--ao`` will override the audio output
- selection of ``--audio-device`` (but not the device selecton).
+ selection of ``--audio-device`` (but not the device selection).
Currently not implemented for most AOs.
@@ -3347,7 +3347,7 @@ Miscellaneous
you should not need to change this option.
:decoder: Use decoder reordering functionality. Unlike in classic MPlayer
- and mplayer2, this includes a dTS fallback. (Default.)
+ and mplayer2, this includes a DTS fallback. (Default.)
:sort: Maintain a buffer of unused pts values and use the lowest value
for the frame.
:auto: Try to pick a working mode from the ones above automatically.