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@@ -5245,6 +5245,30 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
The special value ``auto`` (default) will enable HDR peak computation
automatically if compute shaders and SSBOs are supported.
+ The decay rate used for the HDR peak detection algorithm (default: 100.0).
+ This is only relevant when ``--hdr-compute-peak`` is enabled. Higher values
+ make the peak decay more slowly, leading to more stable values at the cost
+ of more "eye adaptation"-like effects (although this is mitigated somewhat
+ by ``--hdr-scene-threshold``). A value of 1.0 (the lowest possible) disables
+ all averaging, meaning each frame's value is used directly as measured,
+ but doing this is not recommended for "noisy" sources since it may lead
+ to excessive flicker. (In signal theory terms, this controls the time
+ constant "tau" of an IIR low pass filter)
+``--hdr-scene-threshold-low=<0..10000>``, ``--hdr-scene-threshold-high=<0..10000>``
+ The lower and upper thresholds (in cd/m^2) for a brightness difference to
+ be considered a scene change (default: 50 low, 200 high). This is only
+ relevant when ``--hdr-compute-peak`` is enabled. Normally, small
+ fluctuations in the frame brightness are compensated for by the peak
+ averaging mechanism, but for large jumps in the brightness this can result
+ in the frame remaining too bright or too dark for up to several seconds,
+ depending on the value of ``--hdr-peak-decay-rate``. To counteract this,
+ when the brightness between the running average and the current frame
+ exceeds the low threshold, mpv will make the averaging filter more
+ aggressive, up to the limit of the high threshold (at which point the
+ filter becomes instant).
Apply desaturation for highlights (default: 0.75). The parameter controls
the strength of the desaturation curve. A value of 0.0 completely disables