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timing is imprecise and you cannot use the RTC either. Comes at the
price of higher CPU consumption.
- Try to use the sound card mixer (if available), instead of using the volume
- audio filter.
+ Control whether to use the volume controls of the audio output driver, or
+ the internal mplayer volume filter.
+ :no: prefer audio driver controls, use the volume filter only if
+ absolutely needed
+ :yes: always use the volume filter
+ :auto: prefer the volume filter if the audio driver uses the system mixer (default)
+ The intention with ``auto`` is to avoid changing system mixer settings with
+ default settings. mplayer is a video player, not a mixer panel. On the other
+ hand, mixer controls should be used for sound servers like PulseAudio, which
+ provide per-application volume.
Set the maximum amplification level in percent (default: 200). A value of