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+- Build system switches to waf. The old build system is still available by
+ running ``./old-configure``, but it will be removed some time in the future.
+- The "run" input command changes in a not backwards compatible way.
+- Some input.conf commands were replaced (such as speed_mult).
+- Many audio/video filter have changed sub-options in a not backwards
+ compatible way. (This is a consequence of unifying audio/video filter
+ option parsing.)
+- Most video filters now use libavfilter internally if available.
+- Disable key autorepeat for some key binds, which prevents accidentally
+ triggering a binding multiple times.
+- Encoding: install and include encoding profiles by default.
+Bug fixes
+- Fix a bug that degraded vdpau playback after ~1 hour of runtime.
+- Restrict hardware decoding to codecs where it generally makes sense. This
+ excludes mpeg4 for example, which often causes hardware decoders to decode to
+ garbage. Use ``--hwdec-codecs`` to enable hardware decoding for more codecs.
+New features
+- Add window-scale property, which allows changing the window size via mpv key
+ bindings.
+- Add revert_seek command, which is meant to undo accidental seeks.
+- Hardware decoding (vdpau, vda, vaapi) can now be used with vo_opengl.
+- Pulseaudio: set pulse stream name to mpv window title (like MPlayer).
+- Support showing 2 subtitles at a time (``--secondary-sid``).
+- Re-add some basic ``dvdnav://`` support. This doesn't handle navigation
+ highlights correctly, but navigation should mostly work. (Note that
+ ``dvdnav://`` by default starts the longest title, instead of the DVD menu.
+ The menu is available with ``dvdnav://menu``.)
+- Win32: you can drop files on the mpv window.
+This listing is not complete. There are many more bug fixes and changes. The
+complete change log can be viewed by running ``git log f572d2..f06a87`` in
+the git repository.
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