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drm: rename plane options to better, invariant, names
This commit bumps the libmpv version to 1.102 drm-osd-plane -> drm-draw-plane drm-video-plane -> drm-drmprime-video-plane drm-osd-size -> drm-draw-surface-size "draw plane", as in the plane that OpenGL draws to, whether it be video + OSD or just OSD. "drmprime video plane", as in the plane used for hwdec video imported via drmprime. "draw surface size", as in the size of the surface used for the draw plane The new names are invariant whether or not hwdec_drmprime_drm is being used or not. The original naming was very confusing, as when doing regular rendering (swdec or vaapi) the video would be displayed on the "OSD plane", and the "Video plane" would remain unused.
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