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options: split m_config.c/h
Move the "old" mostly command line parsing and option management related code to m_config_frontend.c/h. Move the the code that enables other part of the player to access options to m_config_core.c/h. "frontend" is out of lack of creativity for a better name. Unfortunately, the separation isn't quite clean yet. m_config_frontend.c still references some m_config_core.c implementation details, and m_config_new() is even left in m_config_core.c for now. There some odd functions that should be removed as well (marked as "Bad functions"). Fixing these things requires more changes and will be done separately. struct m_config is left with the current name to reduce diff noise. Also, since there are a _lot_ source files that include m_config.h, add a replacement m_config.h that "redirects" to m_config_core.h.
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@@ -339,7 +339,8 @@ def build(ctx):
( "misc/thread_tools.c" ),
## Options
- ( "options/m_config.c" ),
+ ( "options/m_config_core.c" ),
+ ( "options/m_config_frontend.c" ),
( "options/m_option.c" ),
( "options/m_property.c" ),
( "options/options.c" ),