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video: refactor how VO exports hwdec device handles
The main change is with video/hwdec.h. mp_hwdec_info is made opaque (and renamed to mp_hwdec_devices). Its accessors are mainly thread-safe (or documented where not), which makes the whole thing saner and cleaner. In particular, thread-safety rules become less subtle and more obvious. The new internal API makes it easier to support multiple OpenGL interop backends. (Although this is not done yet, and it's not clear whether it ever will.) This also removes all the API-specific fields from mp_hwdec_ctx and replaces them with a "ctx" field. For d3d in particular, we drop the mp_d3d_ctx struct completely, and pass the interfaces directly. Remove the emulation checks from vaapi.c and vdpau.c; they are pointless, and the checks that matter are done on the VO layer. The d3d hardware decoders might slightly change behavior: dxva2-copy will not use the VO device anymore if the VO supports proper interop. This pretty much assumes that any in such cases the VO will not use any form of exclusive mode, which makes using the VO device in copy mode unnecessary. This is a big refactor. Some things may be untested and could be broken.
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@@ -282,6 +282,7 @@ def build(ctx):
( "video/gpu_memcpy.c", "sse4-intrinsics" ),
( "video/image_writer.c" ),
( "video/img_format.c" ),
+ ( "video/hwdec.c" ),
( "video/mp_image.c" ),
( "video/mp_image_pool.c" ),
( "video/sws_utils.c" ),