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build: add option to build a library
This library will export the client API functions. Note that this doesn't allow compiling the command line player to link against this library yet. The reason is that there's lots of weird stuff required to setup the execution environment (mostly Windows and OSX specifics), as well as things which are out of scope of the client API and every application has to do on its own. However, since the mpv command line player basically reuses functions from the mpv core to implement these things, it's not very easy to separate the command line player form the mpv core.
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diff --git a/wscript b/wscript
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--- a/wscript
+++ b/wscript
@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@ from waftools.checks.custom import *
build_options = [
+ 'name': '--shared',
+ 'desc': 'enable shared library',
+ 'default': 'disable',
+ 'func': check_true
+ }, {
'name': '--static-build',
'desc': 'static build',
'default': 'disable',
@@ -739,6 +744,8 @@ _INSTALL_DIRS_LIST = [
('libdir', '${PREFIX}/lib', 'library files'),
('confdir', '${PREFIX}/etc/mpv', 'configuration files'),
+ ('incdir', '${PREFIX}/include', 'include files'),
('datadir', '${PREFIX}/share', 'data files'),
('mandir', '${DATADIR}/man', 'man pages '),
('docdir', '${DATADIR}/doc/mpv', 'documentation files'),