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Add prelimimary (basic, possibly broken) dvdnav support
This readds a more or less completely new dvdnav implementation, though it's based on the code from before commit 41fbcee. Note that this is rather basic, and might be broken or not quite usable in many cases. Most importantly, navigation highlights are not correctly implemented. This would require changes in the FFmpeg dvdsub decoder (to apply a different internal CLUT), so supporting it is not really possible right now. And in fact, I don't think I ever want to support it, because it's a very small gain for a lot of work. Instead, mpv will display fake highlights, which are an approximate bounding box around the real highlights. Some things like mouse input or switching audio/subtitles stream using the dvdnav VM are not supported. Might be quite fragile on transitions: if dvdnav initiates a transition, and doesn't give us enough mpeg data to initialize video playback, the player will just quit. This is added only because some users seem to want it. I don't intend to make mpv a good DVD player, so the very basic minimum will have to do. How about you just convert your DVD to proper video files?
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@@ -252,6 +252,10 @@ If you really mean to compile without libass support use --disable-libass."
'desc': 'dvdread support',
'func': check_pkg_config('dvdread', '>= 4.1.0'),
}, {
+ 'name': '--dvdnav',
+ 'desc': 'dvdnav support',
+ 'func': check_pkg_config('dvdnav', '>= 4.2.0'),
+ }, {
'name': '--cdda',
'desc': 'cdda support (libcdio)',
'func': check_pkg_config('libcdio_paranoia'),