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vo_gpu: vulkan: generalize SPIR-V compiler
In addition to the built-in nvidia compiler, we now also support a backend based on libshaderc. shaderc is sort of like glslang except it has a C API and is available as a dynamic library. The generated SPIR-V is now cached alongside the VkPipeline in the cached_program. We use a special cache header to ensure validity of this cache before passing it blindly to the vulkan implementation, since passing invalid SPIR-V can cause all sorts of nasty things. It's also designed to self-invalidate if the compiler gets better, by offering a catch-all `int compiler_version` that implementations can use as a cache invalidation marker.
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diff --git a/video/out/vulkan/common.h b/video/out/vulkan/common.h
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--- a/video/out/vulkan/common.h
+++ b/video/out/vulkan/common.h
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ struct mpvk_ctx {
struct vk_malloc *alloc; // memory allocator for this device
struct vk_cmdpool *pool; // primary command pool for this device
struct vk_cmd *last_cmd; // most recently submitted command
+ struct spirv_compiler *spirv; // GLSL -> SPIR-V compiler
// Cached capabilities
VkPhysicalDeviceLimits limits;