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wayland: no mouse dragging in fullscreen/maximized
The wayland code takes mouse dragging into account in order to trigger a client-side request for a window move or window resize. According to the xdg-shell spec*, "[t]he server may ignore move[/resize] requests depending on the state of the surface (e.g. fullscreen or maximized)". Since it is not actually a hard requirement, that means the compositor could actually respond to a clientside move/resize request even if the mpv window was fullscreen. For example, it was pointed out that in sway, if mpv is a floating window, you could drag it around off screen even though the window is fullscreen. This kind of behavior does not really have any practical use. A user can should pan a video if he/she wishes to move its orientation while fullscreen (or maximized for that manner). Naturally, a maximized or fullscreened window should never be manually resized (every compositor likely ignores this anyway). The fix is to simply just not trigger the smecial mouse dragging case if the wayland surface is fullscreened or maximized. *:
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