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stream: implement some HTTP specific options for stream_lavf
The "http:" protocol has been switched to use ffmpeg's HTTP implementation some time ago. One problem with this was that many HTTP specific options stopped working, because they were obviously implemented for the internal HTTP implementation only. Add the missing things. Note that many options will work for ffmpeg only, as Libav's HTTP implementation is missing these. They will silently be ignored on Libav. Some options we can't fix: --ipv4-only-proxy, --prefer-ipv4, --prefer-ipv6 As far as I can see, not even libavformat internals distinguish between ipv4 and ipv6. --user, --passwd ffmpeg probably supports specifying these in the URL directly.
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diff --git a/stream/cookies.h b/stream/cookies.h
index 88ff96d66a..a24560631b 100644
--- a/stream/cookies.h
+++ b/stream/cookies.h
@@ -28,5 +28,6 @@
void cookies_set(HTTP_header_t * http_hdr, const char *hostname,
const char *url);
+char *cookies_lavf(void);
#endif /* MPLAYER_COOKIES_H */