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authorAkemi <>2018-02-28 15:09:14 +0100
committerKevin Mitchell <>2018-03-04 16:26:35 -0800
commita76eecdc2ca5a31125a1a1372388eb3b10fa857a (patch)
tree86d96af0370e4b1370b145f078c14583460c9d0f /player/client.h
parentae2972557f555a11591082c213e653ac68a01f23 (diff)
client: remove legacy API that is unused now
this API was introduced in c5e4538 solely for the use with cocoa-cb and was not public. with the port to the new API in 760d471 it is now unused and can safely be removed.
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diff --git a/player/client.h b/player/client.h
index 58e84418a2..118f6800f6 100644
--- a/player/client.h
+++ b/player/client.h
@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ struct mp_log *mp_client_get_log(struct mpv_handle *ctx);
struct mpv_global *mp_client_get_global(struct mpv_handle *ctx);
struct MPContext *mp_client_get_core(struct mpv_handle *ctx);
struct MPContext *mp_client_api_get_core(struct mp_client_api *api);
-void *mp_get_sub_api2(mpv_handle *ctx, mpv_sub_api sub_api, bool lock);
// m_option.c
void *node_get_alloc(struct mpv_node *node);
@@ -54,14 +53,4 @@ void kill_video(struct mp_client_api *client_api);
bool mp_streamcb_lookup(struct mpv_global *g, const char *protocol,
void **out_user_data, mpv_stream_cb_open_ro_fn *out_fn);
-// Legacy.
-typedef int (*mpv_opengl_cb_control_fn)(void *cb_ctx, int *events,
- uint32_t request, void *data);
-struct mpv_opengl_cb_context;
-void mp_client_set_control_callback(struct mpv_opengl_cb_context *ctx,
- mpv_opengl_cb_control_fn callback,
- void *callback_ctx);
-void mp_client_set_icc_profile(struct mpv_opengl_cb_context *ctx, bstr icc_data);
-void mp_client_set_ambient_lux(struct mpv_opengl_cb_context *ctx, int lux);