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gl_lcms: use thread-safe lcms API, require lcms2 2.6
The error log callback was not thread-safe and not library-safe. And apparently there were some other details that made it not library-safe, such as a global lcms plugin registry. Switch the the thread-safe API provided by lcms2 starting with 2.6. Remove our approximate thread-safety hacks. Note that lcms basically provides 2 APIs now, the old functions, and the thread-safe alternatives whose names end with THR. Some functions don't change, because they already have a context of some sort. Care must be taken not to accidentally use old APIs.
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@@ -761,7 +761,7 @@ check_statement_libs "LADSPA plugin support" $_ladspa LADSPA ladspa.h 'LADSPA_De
check_pkg_config "libbs2b audio filter support" $_libbs2b LIBBS2B 'libbs2b'
-check_pkg_config "LCMS2 support" $_lcms2 LCMS2 'lcms2'
+check_pkg_config "LCMS2 support" $_lcms2 LCMS2 'lcms2 >= 2.6'
check_pkg_config "VapourSynth support" $_vapoursynth VAPOURSYNTH 'vapoursynth >= 23 vapoursynth-script >= 23'