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player: add automatic loading of external cover art files
Picks up files like "cover.jpg". It's made part of normal external file loading, so I'm adding 3 new options that are direct equivalents for the options that control loading of external subtitle and audio files. Even though I bet nobody wants them and they just increase confusion... I guess the world is actually hell, so this outcome should be fine. It prefers non-specific external files like "cover.jpg" over embedded cover art. Not sure if that's wanted or unwanted. There's some pain over explicitly marking such files as external pictures. This is basically an optimization: in most cases, a heuristic would treat an image file loaded with --external-file the same (it's a heuristic because ffmpeg can't tell us whether something is an image or a video). However, even with this heuristic, it would decode the cover art picture again on each seek, which would essentially slow down seeking in audio files. This bothered me greatly, which is why I'm adding these additional options at all, and bothered with the previous commit. Fixes: #3056
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