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committeralex <alex@b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2>2001-12-10 15:57:11 +0000
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added new prototypes from win32.c
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diff --git a/loader/win32.h b/loader/win32.h
index 8c67f3365e..9a8dd72724 100644
--- a/loader/win32.h
+++ b/loader/win32.h
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ extern void* WINAPI expLocalReAlloc(int handle,int size,int flags);
extern void* WINAPI expLocalLock(void* z);
extern void* WINAPI expGlobalAlloc(int flags, int size);
extern void* WINAPI expGlobalLock(void* z);
+extern int WINAPI expGlobalSize(void* amem);
extern int WINAPI expLoadStringA(long instance, long id, void* buf, long size);
extern long WINAPI expMultiByteToWideChar(long v1, long v2, char* s1, long siz1, short* s2, int siz2);
extern long WINAPI expWideCharToMultiByte(long v1, long v2, short* s1, long siz1, char* s2, int siz2, char* c3, int* siz3);
@@ -126,6 +127,8 @@ extern void* WINAPI expSleep(int time);
extern void* WINAPI expCreateCompatibleDC(int hdc);
extern int WINAPI expGetDeviceCaps(int hdc, int unk);
extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expDeleteDC(int hdc);
+extern void* WINAPI expGetWindowDC(int hdc);
+extern void* WINAPI expCreateFontA(void);
extern int WINAPI expGetPrivateProfileIntA(const char* appname, const char* keyname, int default_value, const char* filename);
extern int WINAPI expGetProfileIntA(const char* appname, const char* keyname, int default_value);
extern int WINAPI expGetPrivateProfileStringA(const char* appname, const char* keyname,
@@ -200,6 +203,20 @@ extern LONG WINAPI explstrcpynA(char* str1, const char* str2,int len);
extern LONG WINAPI explstrcatA(char* str1, const char* str2);
extern LONG WINAPI expInterlockedExchange(long *dest, long l);
void WINAPI expInitCommonControls(void);
+extern HRESULT WINAPI expCoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler(void *pUnkOuter, void **ppUnkInner);
+extern int WINAPI expDuplicateHandle(
+ HANDLE hSourceProcessHandle, // handle to source process
+ HANDLE hSourceHandle, // handle to duplicate
+ HANDLE hTargetProcessHandle, // handle to target process
+ HANDLE* lpTargetHandle, // duplicate handle
+ DWORD dwDesiredAccess, // requested access
+ int bInheritHandle, // handle inheritance option
+ DWORD dwOptions // optional actions
+extern HRESULT WINAPI expCoInitialize(
+ LPVOID lpReserved /* [in] pointer to win32 malloc interface
+ (obsolete, should be NULL) */
extern void* CDECL expmalloc(int size);