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+static char* banner_text=
+"MPlayer v0.10 [AVI parser] (C) 2000. Arpad Gereoffy <>\n"
+static char* help_text=
+"Usage: aviparse [options] [path/]name\n"
+" Options:\n"
+//" -o <driver> select output driver (see '-o help' for driver list)\n"
+//" -vcd <track> play video cd track from device instead of plain file\n"
+//" -bg play in background (X11 only!)\n"
+//" -sb <bytepos> seek to byte position\n"
+//" -ss <timepos> seek to second position (with timestamp)\n"
+//" -nosound don't play sound\n"
+//" -abs <bytes> audio buffer size (in bytes, default: measuring)\n"
+//" -delay <secs> audio delay in seconds (may be +/- float value)\n"
+//" -alsa enable timing code (works better with ALSA)\n"
+" -aid <1-99> select audio channel\n"
+" -afile <name> dump raw audio data to file\n"
+" -vfile <name> dump raw video data to file\n"
+//" -vid <0-15> select video channel\n"
+//" -fps <value> force frame rate (if value is wrong in mpeg header)\n"
+//" -mc <s/5f> maximum sync correction per 5 frames (in seconds)\n"
+//" -afm <1-3> force audio format 1:MPEG 2:PCM 3:AC3 4:Win32\n"
+//" Keys:\n"
+//" <- or -> seek backward/forward 10 seconds\n"
+//" up or down seek backward/forward 1 minute\n"
+//" p or SPACE pause movie (press any key to continue)\n"
+//" q or ^C stop playing and quit program\n"