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x11: add window icon
The png file added to etc/ are taken from the link mentioned in commit 303096b, except that they have been converted to 16 bit, sRGB (with color profile info dropped, if there was one), and transparent pixels reset for better compression. The file x11_icon.bin is generated by I'm adding it to the git repo directly, because the script requires ImageMagick, and we don't want to make building even more complicated. The way how this is done is basically a compromise between effort required in x11_common.c and in Ideally, x11_icon.bin would be directly in the format as required by _NET_WM_ICON, but trying to write the binary width/height values from shell would probably be a nightmare, so here we go. The zlib code in x11_common.c is lifted from demux_mkv.c, with some modifications (like accepting a gzip header, because I don't know how to make gzip write raw compressed data).
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