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input.conf: bind 'A' to cycling aspect ratios
Apparently broken files are popular enough that this is still needed. It's relatively often asked on the IRC channel, and I also found it on the archwiki mpv page. The list of aspect ratios is taken from the archwiki page, with "16:10" removed (because I doubt there are actually files with this aspect ratio).
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diff --git a/etc/input.conf b/etc/input.conf
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--- a/etc/input.conf
+++ b/etc/input.conf
@@ -119,6 +119,8 @@
#Alt+s screenshot - each-frame # automatically screenshot every frame
#w add panscan -0.1 # zoom out with -panscan 0 -fs
#e add panscan +0.1 # in
+# cycle video aspect ratios; "-1" is the container aspect
+#A cycle_values video-aspect "16:9" "4:3" "2.35:1" "-1"
#POWER quit
#MENU cycle osd
#PLAY cycle pause