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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-05-04 01:02:09 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-05-06 23:11:11 +0200
commit5148f9f5cca6a5a28bb98a3b713f27614538815f (patch)
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parent885c6a2610619ad3ee2b01ae7ec7670f8551d388 (diff)
demux: remove retrieval of chapter end time
The frontend doesn't use this. Also use double for returning the chapter times. Everything uses double for times, and there's no reason to use float here.
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diff --git a/demux/demux.h b/demux/demux.h
index 048ffb3934..886252fa85 100644
--- a/demux/demux.h
+++ b/demux/demux.h
@@ -408,8 +408,8 @@ double demuxer_get_start_time(struct demuxer *demuxer);
int demuxer_get_current_chapter(struct demuxer *demuxer, double time_now);
/// Get chapter name by index if available.
char *demuxer_chapter_name(struct demuxer *demuxer, int chapter);
-/// Get chapter start time and end time by index if available.
-float demuxer_chapter_time(struct demuxer *demuxer, int chapter, float *end);
+/// Get chapter start time by index if available.
+double demuxer_chapter_time(struct demuxer *demuxer, int chapter);
/// Get total chapter number.
int demuxer_chapter_count(struct demuxer *demuxer);
/// Get current angle index.