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README: copy paragraph about --enable-* from configure
This issue hits users way too often. Copy the explanation printed by the configure script to the README to give it more visibility. We will fix this properly once we have a new build system.
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@@ -47,6 +47,18 @@ If you are running Mac OSX and using homebrew we provide [homebrew-mpv][homebrew
to date formula that compiles mpv with sensible dependencies and defaults for
+configure --enable-* parameters
+The --enable-* parameters unconditionally force options on, completely
+skipping autodetection. This behavior is unlike what you may be used to from
+autoconf-based configure scripts that can decide to override you. This greater
+level of control comes at a price. You may have to provide the correct compiler
+and linker flags yourself.
+If you used one of these options and experience a compilation or
+linking failure, make sure you have passed the necessary compiler/linker flags
+to configure.
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