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build: hide duplicate options from `--help`
Hide --enable variants from [autodetect]'ed options and --enable/--disable variants for [enable]'d/[disable]'d options. The hidden options are still usable, just hidden for more readability.
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@@ -27,6 +27,12 @@ you think you have support for some feature installed but configure fails to
detect it, the file `build/config.log` may contain information about the
reasons for the failure.
+NOTE: To avoid cluttering the output with unreadable spam, `--help` only shows
+one of the two switches for each option. If the option is autodetected by
+default, the `--disable-***` switch is printed; if the option is disabled by
+default, the `--enable-***` switch is printed. Either way, you can use
+`--enable-***` or `--disable-**` regardless of what is printed by `--help`.
To build the software you can use `./waf build`: the result of the compilation
will be located in `build/mpv`. You can use `./waf install` to install mpv
to the *prefix* after it is compiled.