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player: make --osc/--ytdl settable during playback
Setting the osc or ytdl properties will now load/unload the associated scripts. (For ytdl this does not mean the currently played URL will be reloaded.) Also add a changelog entry for this, which also covers the preceding work for --terminal.
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has been added to the manpage describing some conflicting behavior
between options and properties)
- implement changing sub-speed during playback
+ - make many previously fixed options changeable at runtime (for example
+ --terminal, --osc, --ytdl, can all be enable/disabled after
+ mpv_initialize() - this can be extended to other still fixed options
+ on user requests)
--- mpv 0.20.0 ---
- add --image-display-duration option - this also means that image duration
is not influenced by --mf-fps anymore in the general case (this is an