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vo_gpu: vulkan: properly track image dependencies
This uses the new vk_signal mechanism to order all access to textures. This has several advantageS: 1. It allows real synchronization of image access across multiple frames when using multiple queues for parallelism. 2. It allows using events instead of pipeline barriers, which is a finer-grained synchronization primitive that allows for more efficient layout transitions over longer durations. This commit also restructures some of the implicit transition code for renderpasses to be more flexible and correct. (Note: this technically drops the ability to transition the image out of undefined layout when not blending, but that was a bug anyway and needs to be done properly) vo_gpu: vulkan: remove no-longer-true optimization The change to the output_tex format makes this no longer true, and it actually seems to hurt performance now as well. So just don't do it anymore. I also realized it hurts performance when drawing an OSD, so it's probably not a good idea anyway.
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@@ -4297,10 +4297,6 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
parallelism between frames (when using a ``--swapchain-depth`` higher than
1). (Default: 1)
- NOTE: Setting this to a value higher than 1 may cause graphical corruption,
- as mpv's vulkan implementation currently does not try and protect textures
- against concurrent access.
Use WARP (Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform) with the D3D11 GPU
backend (default: auto). This is a high performance software renderer. By