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sub: add justify of subtitles
To make it easier for the eyes, multi line subtitles should be left justified (for most languages). This adds an option to define how subtitles are to be justified inpendently of how they are aligned. Also add option to enable --sub-justify to be applied on ASS subtitles.
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@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@ Interface changes
- "vo-drop-frame-count" to "frame-drop-count"
The old names still work, but are deprecated.
- remove the --stream-capture option and property. No replacement.
+ - add --sub-justify
+ - add --sub-ass-justify
--- mpv 0.23.0 ---
- remove deprecated vf_vdpaurb (use "--hwdec=vdpau-copy" instead)
- the following properties now have new semantics:
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@@ -1976,6 +1976,18 @@ Subtitles
Vertical position (default: ``bottom``).
Details see ``--sub-align-x``.
+ Control how multi line subs are justified irrespective of where they
+ are aligned (default: ``auto`` which justifies as defined by
+ ``--sub-align-y``).
+ Left justification is recommended to make the subs easier to read
+ as it is easier for the eyes.
+ Applies justification as defined by ``--sub-justify`` on ASS subtitles
+ if ``--sub-ass-style-override`` is not set to ``no``.
+ Default: ``no``.
See ``--sub-color``. Color used for sub text shadow.