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player: allow opts in pseudo-gui set by the user to override user's default
This should still allow user-set default options to override built-in pseudo-gui while respecting user-set pseudo-gui options. Pros: - user option in default profile overrides built-in pseudo-gui's options Ex: screenshot-directory overrides built-in pseudo-gui's - user can "fix" pseudo-gui if some option like "force-window=no" is set in default by setting "force-window=yes" in [pseudo-gui] - `mpv --profile=pseudo-gui` will work as before Cons: - --show-profile=pseudo-gui won't display the built-in's options Original idea from wm4. Documentation edits mostly by wm4. Signed-off-by: wm4 <wm4@nowhere>
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@@ -737,20 +737,24 @@ Currently this happens only in the following cases:
- if started from explorer.exe on Windows (technically, if it was started on
Windows, and all of the stdout/stderr/stdin handles are unset)
- started out of the bundle on OSX
-- you can add ``--profile=pseudo-gui`` to the command line, but it will behave
- subtly differently (since mpv 0.22.0)
+- if you manually use ``--player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui`` on the command line
-This mode implicitly performs the same action as ``--profile=pseudo-gui``, but
-roughly before config files are loaded and the command line is applied. The
-``pseudo-gui`` profile is predefined with the following contents:
+This mode applies options from the builtin profile ``builtin-pseudo-gui``, but
+only if these haven't been set in the user's config file or on the command line.
+Also, for compatibility with the old pseudo-gui behavior, the options in the
+``pseudo-gui`` profile are applied unconditionally. In addition, the profile
+makes sure to enable the pseudo-GUI mode, so that ``--profile=pseudo-gui``
+works like in older mpv releases. The profiles are currently defined as follows:
- [pseudo-gui]
+ [builtin-pseudo-gui]
+ [pseudo-gui]
+ player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui
.. warning::