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ytdl_hook: actually load the script-opts
Also, comma-separated list doesn't actually work, even quote-surrounded. Switch to using | instead.
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If the script can't do anything with an URL, it will do nothing.
- The `exclude` script option accepts a comma-separated list of URL patterns
+ The `exclude` script option accepts a ``|``-separated list of URL patterns
which mpv should not use with youtube-dl. The patterns are matched after
the ``http(s)://`` part of the URL.
``^`` matches the beginning of the URL, ``$`` matches its end, and you
- should use ``%`` before any of the characters ``^$()%,.[]*+-?`` to match
+ should use ``%`` before any of the characters ``^$()%|,.[]*+-?`` to match
that character.
.. admonition:: Example
@@ -544,7 +544,7 @@ Program Behavior
``--script-opts=ytdl_hook-exclude='^'`` will exclude any
URL that starts with ```` or
- ``--script-opts=ytdl_hook-exclude='%.mkv$,%.mp4$'`` will exclude any
+ ``--script-opts=ytdl_hook-exclude='%.mkv$|%.mp4$'`` will exclude any
URL that ends with ``.mkv`` or ``.mp4``.
See more `lua patterns here`__.