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man: document fonts.conf, subfont.ttf, and fonts subdir
Update man page for fonts.conf and subfont.ttf. These are two undocumented features in mpv. They were only hardcoded into sub/ass_mp.c and could not be found anywhere else in the entire codebase. Git log reveals that fonts.conf was added in 2013 while subfont.ttf was brought in by a ancient patch of mplayer in 2002... These are two quite useful undocumented features when you do not want to mess up with global fonts.conf to include more fonts. Also document ~/.config/mpv/fonts/ directory and suggest using fonts.conf to include additional fonts. mpv reads all files in ~/.config/mpv/fonts/ directory into memory. If there are a lot of fonts in that directory, mpv would use a lot of memory. Using ~/.config/mpv/fonts.conf to include additional fonts is more memory-efficent.
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@@ -996,6 +996,23 @@ For Windows-specifics, see `FILES ON WINDOWS`_ section.
key bindings (see `INPUT.CONF`_ section)
+ Fontconfig fonts.conf that is customized for mpv. You should include system
+ fonts.conf in this file or mpv would not know about fonts that you already
+ have in the system.
+ Only available when libass is built with fontconfig.
+ fallback subtitle font
+ Font files in this directory are used by mpv/libass for subtitles. Useful
+ if you do not want to install fonts to your system. Note that files in this
+ directory are loaded into memory before being used by mpv. If you have a
+ lot of fonts, consider using fonts.conf (see above) to include additional
+ fonts, which is more memory-efficient.
All files in this directory are loaded as if they were passed to the
``--script`` option. They are loaded in alphabetical order, and sub-directories