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encode: rename option --ometadata to --ocopy-metadata
--copy-metadata describes the result of the option better, (copying metadata from the source file to the output file). Marks the old --no-ometadata OPT_REMOVED with a suggestion for the new --no-ocopy-metadata.
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@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ Interface changes
- deprecate the --ff-aid, --ff-vid, --ff-sid options and properties (there is
no replacement, but you can manually query the track property and use the
"ff-index" field to find the mpv track ID to imitate this behavior)
+ - rename --no-ometadata to --no-ocopy-metadata
--- mpv 0.27.0 ---
- drop previously deprecated --field-dominance option
- drop previously deprecated "osd" command
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@@ -150,6 +150,6 @@ You can encode files from one format/codec to another using this facility.
and all pts are passed through as-is. Never seek backwards or use multiple
input files in this mode!
Turns off copying of metadata from input files to output files when
encoding (which is enabled by default).