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command: drop "audio-out-detected-device" property
Coreaudio stopped setting it a few releases ago (66a958bb4fa). There is not much of a user- or API-visible change, so remove it without deprecation.
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@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ Interface changes
- remove the (deprecated) --vo=opengl-hq
- remove --opengl-es=force2 (use --opengl-es=yes --opengl-restrict=300)
- the --msg-level option now affects --log-file
+ - drop "audio-out-detected-device" property - this was unavailable on all
+ audio output drivers for quite a while (coreaudio used to provide it)
--- mpv 0.27.0 ---
- drop previously deprecated --field-dominance option
- drop previously deprecated "osd" command
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@@ -2017,10 +2017,6 @@ Property list
Current audio output driver (name as used with ``--ao``).
- Return the audio device selected by the AO driver (only implemented for
- some drivers: currently only ``coreaudio``).
Return the working directory of the mpv process. Can be useful for JSON IPC
users, because the command line player usually works with relative paths.